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  1. Thank you guys. To Mike Y - chuck on Proxxon mill is PM 40 (No. 24260 in Proxxon catalog). The milling bitts are selfmade. In this moment is about 560 blocks finished, it remains to complete a few atypical blocks.
  2. Thank you for all nice comments. The figurehead is made from modeling clay. Because I am not good im sculpting from clay I asked Doris and she made for me this beautiful figurehead (her work you can see here - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/854-royal-caroline-by-doris-card-1749-140/?hl=doris).Thank you Doris once more . So, after long break I continue with production of the rigging blocks. Blocks are made with method that comes from russian modelers.
  3. I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all followers of my log . And last post of this year - figurehead.
  4. Thank you to all guys for very nice comments. Building of ship models is my big hobby that brings me a lot of joy. I am very happy that my model can bring some pleasure to you. Next part - planksheer in the waist.
  5. Thank you very much. I am very happy that you like my build . Only small detail for today - the entry steps.
  6. Thank you to all for nice comments . To allanyed: your question - answer is correct. All parts are now mounted on the hull.
  7. Omar CS, Albert - thanks . Another part of build - chains for deadeyes. All parts are made from brass with silver soldering.
  8. Hi Albert, today I discovered your log. I have to say only one word - amazing .
  9. Michael, thank you for nice comments. Greg, it is not made with CNC machine, only freehand. It is very difficult to explain it with my bad english. You can see the small pin on the first picture which serves as stop. I only move with wooden part from one side to the other, pin follows the shape of the wood. You have to go with wood part against pin twice - milling bitt is either in position 1 or in position 2.
  10. Thank you guys . To Greg: The moldings isn´t done with scraper, it is made with milling bitt - the same method I used for standard production (see pictures in this contribution) Small step forward - installation of chanells.
  11. Hello, this kit was produced by company Igra in former Czechoslovakia (now Czech republic). I built this model many many years ago and model is not good. best regards Vladimir
  12. After longer break I am ready to continue. Instalation of port lids.
  13. Thank you guys . To wyzwyk: the netting is made from YLI quilting thread (http://www.ylicorp.com/product.aspx?PID=63304a0f-0bb5-4b6d-8d39-4ddb657a3c6a&SCID=783065c6-9646-4430-afa0-3911b032b4f4), colour nr. Lt. Brown 21100003. Galion is done, so I went into the port lids and their hinges.
  14. Thank you for nice comments . I added a few details to the galion - boomkin and berthing rail with head netting.
  15. Thanks guys . Last part of galion is done - cathead supporter + eking rail.For this piece, I had the greatest fear because it is curved in all three planes. In the end it was not quite that bad (the previous head timbers gave me a hard time considerably more). I am glad I have this complicated part behind me.
  16. Thank you Dirk and Mark. Today only small progress - shot garlands and seats of ease.
  17. Thank you albert and wyzwyk. Instalation of simplified head timbers.
  18. Thank you Tom, but the reality is not so simple as the photos show . I attached the false rails, main rails are installed on the model.
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