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  1. Thank you Albert and Alex. Forecastle and quarter deck planksheer is installed now (including timberheads).
  2. Thank you guys for all nice comments and likes, they are like a new blood for my body. I completed the treenailing, next part of the build will be forecastle and quarter deck planksheer.
  3. Thank you druxey. Deck planking is done. It remains only treenaling.
  4. Thank you to all for kind words and likes. Preparation works for deck planking - instalation of waterways, margin planks, forecastle and quarter deck bulwark planking.
  5. Thank you Allan. So, when I was in brass work, I decided to finish the chimney. I had to combine soldering with tin and silver, which is an incredibly inappropriate combination. Here you can see the result.
  6. Thank you to all for comments and likes. To sailor 123456789: I have the same problem to understand this function. The chain pums and main jeer bitts are so close each other and there is no space for manipulation. Above that I made one small mistake, the main jeer bitts are positioned behind the deck beams (in plans are the main bitts under deck beam). Fortunately on the main jeer bitts end only two ropes. To John Allen: It is secret. But whoever seeks, he finds it. The last item on the main deck - brake pumps. They are installed temporarily now. Final fixation will be after deck planking.
  7. Thank you guys. To sailor123456789 - maybe help you tne next pictures. All parts are now installed on the deck, I added the rest of deck beams and the quarter deck is prepared for planking.
  8. Thank you to all for very nice comments and likes. I prepared some parts to later installation on the main deck - main jeer bitts, main topsail sheet bitts and chain pumps. It remains colouring and blackening before installation.
  9. According to the information that I obtained, only the upper capstan was used for weighing the anchor. The lower capstan was propably used only for the control of messenger rope and in case of upper capstan damage (only exceptionally). In this case, it was necessary to remove the pillars and ladder (both were removable).
  10. Thank you very much guys. Denis - the red frame in front of the stove is called riding bitts. Citation from the Peter Goodwin´s book The Construction and Fitting of English Man of War: These large timbers acted as securing point for cables which held the ship while riding at anchor. And why is the stove so close to the riding bitts - I have no idea. Some new parts - ladders.
  11. Thank you very much, I am very happy that you like my build. To Karl: The grid on the green mat (the white lines) is 1 cm. The screw heads are made form brass pins (see next picture), some part are etched, some parts are made with milling machine from brass sheet (different thickness). So, the chemical blackening is done and the stove is now installed on the deck. I just regret that the stove will be almost impossible to see after deck planking..
  12. Thank you guys, the galley stove is ready, it remains only to finish a few details and make the blackening.
  13. Thank you for nice comments. I installed some quarter deck beams, fore deck beams and the doors. As a next comes the making of galley stove.
  14. You are right giampieroricci. The hooks are 3 mm long and should be long about 2,5 mm. I tried to make this hooks little bit smaller but no success.
  15. Thank you to all. I started with rigging for guns. First part - breeching is ready.
  16. Thank you. Preparations for rigging - ropes for standing rigging, running rigging and anchor cables. Total cca 300 pcs of ropes.
  17. Thank you to all for very very nice comments. It is great pleasure for me to present my work on this forum. Next part - the swivel gun mounts.
  18. Last part of the small details - euphroes, parrel ribbs, cleats, rack blockas, cathead blocks.
  19. Thank you Rob . Some other small part are ready - yard tie blocks, jeer blocks, sheet quarter blocks, single shoulder blocks, long tackle blocks, hearts.
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