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  1. Thank you very much, I am very happy that you like my build. To Karl: The grid on the green mat (the white lines) is 1 cm. The screw heads are made form brass pins (see next picture), some part are etched, some parts are made with milling machine from brass sheet (different thickness). So, the chemical blackening is done and the stove is now installed on the deck. I just regret that the stove will be almost impossible to see after deck planking..
  2. Thank you guys, the galley stove is ready, it remains only to finish a few details and make the blackening.
  3. Thank you for nice comments. I installed some quarter deck beams, fore deck beams and the doors. As a next comes the making of galley stove.
  4. You are right giampieroricci. The hooks are 3 mm long and should be long about 2,5 mm. I tried to make this hooks little bit smaller but no success.
  5. Thank you to all. I started with rigging for guns. First part - breeching is ready.
  6. Thank you. Preparations for rigging - ropes for standing rigging, running rigging and anchor cables. Total cca 300 pcs of ropes.
  7. Thank you to all for very very nice comments. It is great pleasure for me to present my work on this forum. Next part - the swivel gun mounts.
  8. Last part of the small details - euphroes, parrel ribbs, cleats, rack blockas, cathead blocks.
  9. Thank you Rob . Some other small part are ready - yard tie blocks, jeer blocks, sheet quarter blocks, single shoulder blocks, long tackle blocks, hearts.
  10. Thank you guys. To Mike Y - chuck on Proxxon mill is PM 40 (No. 24260 in Proxxon catalog). The milling bitts are selfmade. In this moment is about 560 blocks finished, it remains to complete a few atypical blocks.
  11. Thank you for all nice comments. The figurehead is made from modeling clay. Because I am not good im sculpting from clay I asked Doris and she made for me this beautiful figurehead (her work you can see here - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/854-royal-caroline-by-doris-card-1749-140/?hl=doris).Thank you Doris once more . So, after long break I continue with production of the rigging blocks. Blocks are made with method that comes from russian modelers.
  12. I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all followers of my log . And last post of this year - figurehead.
  13. Thank you to all guys for very nice comments. Building of ship models is my big hobby that brings me a lot of joy. I am very happy that my model can bring some pleasure to you. Next part - planksheer in the waist.
  14. Thank you very much. I am very happy that you like my build . Only small detail for today - the entry steps.
  15. Thank you to all for nice comments . To allanyed: your question - answer is correct. All parts are now mounted on the hull.
  16. Omar CS, Albert - thanks . Another part of build - chains for deadeyes. All parts are made from brass with silver soldering.
  17. Hi Albert, today I discovered your log. I have to say only one word - amazing .
  18. Michael, thank you for nice comments. Greg, it is not made with CNC machine, only freehand. It is very difficult to explain it with my bad english. You can see the small pin on the first picture which serves as stop. I only move with wooden part from one side to the other, pin follows the shape of the wood. You have to go with wood part against pin twice - milling bitt is either in position 1 or in position 2.
  19. Thank you guys . To Greg: The moldings isn´t done with scraper, it is made with milling bitt - the same method I used for standard production (see pictures in this contribution) Small step forward - installation of chanells.
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