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  1. Thank you. I do enjoy taking my girls to the Heritage Museum which is on the capital grounds. Perhaps you poked your head in there while you were passing through. I've been through Fergus Falls a few times and flown over a couple. It seems like a great area. It just amazes me how there seems to be a definite line between open prairie which suddenly turns into dense trees. I know its a bit further east of you, but I really loved flying around the Brainard area in the summer. All the lakes and green trees made for a delightful afternoon. I hope you had a good Chri
  2. It has been a busy Christmas season, which has been fortunate in some ways and unfortunate in others. One of the unfortunates is that I haven't been able to get to work on my model much, so the progress has slowed considerably. Now that we're in a new year, (and Happy New Year to you all), I'm looking forward to making a little more sawdust, but also releasing some paint fumes as well. The progress I have made to the model from the last pictures I have amounts to finish sanding the rudders and the sail. I glued the bottom rudder back onto the hull and successfully managed a fair
  3. So, it’s been a few days since I posted about trying to keep the thread active. Go figure. Anyway, it’s been a busy week with work and family so not a lot for accomplishment. I managed another hour more of sanding and I’m pleased with the result. I borrowed a table mounted belt sander which helped me get the main part of the hull into a more or less cylindrical shape. Using an orbital sander, I’ve managed to get the bow and stern... let’s say better. Unfortunately, I had a mishap while sanding. I dropped my project onto the garage floor, and managed a couple dings as well as broke
  4. Hopefully these updates aren’t coming too quickly. I like keeping the thread active, if nothing else. Nothing else new other than continuing to hone in on the cylindrical and curvilinear shapes. I’ve been focusing mostly on the bow lately and using those lines then to inform the rest of the hull. You can see the shape is coming in, but the light and shadows still reveal some ridges that need to be worked in. All in all, I’m pleased. I took it to the park yesterday when I took my kids there to play. I had a few quizzical looks from others as I’m sitting
  5. I thought this was a good place to share this. Some of you may be familiar with it already. One of my instructors in AIT, over 13 years ago, shared this with my class. How to Tell the Difference Between the Branches of the US Armed Forces! If you give the command "SECURE THE BUILDING", here is what the different services would do: The NAVY would turn out the lights and lock the doors. The ARMY would surround the building with defensive fortifications, tanks and concertina wire. The MARINE CORPS would assault the building, using overlapping fields of fire from all
  6. Welcome BeeWee. Yes, please start a build log, if you care to. I’m finding it opens a lot of doors to communication with the community. I’ve gotten a lot of help already from mine, help I didn’t know I needed at the time.
  7. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate the feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. As far as the amount of sanding is concerned, I’m enjoying it. It’s an opportunity to take some time out of the day, do something with my hands, and let my mind wander a bit. It’s also fun to see the shape come in little by little. I realize there are other, quicker ways to remove wood, but this way, I can’t do too much damage in a quick fashion, plus, being tool limited limits my options. 😉. I’m fine with it taking a few days to get into tolerance. For those of you in the States, Happy Thanksgivi
  8. Thank you @CDR_Ret Correct me if I’m wrong but CDR is the abbreviation for Navy’s Commander, correct? As far as the wood working is going, it seems to be progressing well. I spent some more time on it today and the hull lines are firming up. I’ve still got a ways to go. I sand a bit, then check the profiles of the different areas with my hull templates.
  9. I’m also trying to develop a jig to transfer hull details from the plans to the model accurately. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking in the modeling tips, tricks, and jigs section of this forum and coming up with some possibilities, but also looking to see if anyone else has other ideas. Thanks.
  10. I’m assuming there may be a “No sh**” at the beginning of “there I was.”
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