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  1. The boats from Trumpter are definitely disaster. The cockpit from those boats are solid square. I decided to use Veryfire for the replacement. 🤗
  2. Really appreciate all of the supports! That really cheers me a lot. Billion Thanks! I have checked the 3D Kagero and found that the railings(?Not sure how it should be called) is thinner than what the MK.1 design provided. And here comes the holes drilling challenge again
  3. First time trying on the preshade of the planes. It take me hours but the outcome seems not bad. The MK.1 PE set does not include the canopy while the Infini does not provide details PE and weapons....
  4. Here are the 10.5 cm SK C/33 guns. The above one is Trumpeter with MK.1 PE and the other one is Veteran. The details of trumpeter is okay but you might choose Veteran for more details.
  5. Adding details for the bridge. (Wires, ducts and vents) Sonce I am making non-combat status scenario, the doors had to be drilled and keep it opened.
  6. Sure:) After masking like the pictures below, you may spray the mr.hobby surfacer for few times(3 to 5 times). If you wanna get a rougher lines, you can use the 400/600 ones. I used the 1000 in this model.
  7. It seems that I have sanded too much and the alignment of the two catapults are imbalanced...One is higher and one is lower💀
  8. The PE was so hard to bend. Therefore, I needed to burn it with a lighter so the PE became more flexible to work with. The gap between the PE was filled with putty.
  9. Hi RGL. Your work inspired me lot! I tried the plastic card but the deck was badly damaged. At last, I needed to reshape the whole things again and again. Anyway, Thank you for your suggestion! And here is the some work on the forehead.
  10. One of the most difficult part during the build: saw an area of the flight deck to install to catapult. But I failed and need to use putty to recreate the shape.....
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