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  1. Oh it's got worse... gave her a lockdown haircut yesterday - now she looks like a wet chicken. I'm going out someplace for a bit.
  2. Thinking forward to planking the hull. Firstly, I've had a good look through the resources on this forum; really excellent tutorials etc - thanks to all of you for passing on this useful information - the depth of knowledge is tremendous. I've had tried to follow some of what I've read, but treat me as ignorant and you won't be disappointed! Any tips or suggestions gratefully received, need my hand held here. My mind is full of drops strakes and stealers, edge setting and hood ends. Just love the language. 'Lining out' - I've no idea if this is the right way to d
  3. Thanks for the thumbs up! Still steamin' and bendin'..... Got some work to do to the bow section; it will be mightily fiddly once I get to the sharp end! All this will come off again once all the ribs are steamed into their shape, so that the frames can get their final fairing sanding, and then planking lines worked out. Oh and I need more mini clamps - lots more!
  4. On to the ribbands.... First need to cut some new stock - plenty of semi-green field maple left, and really like the way this works with hand tools. Ribbands are 3.5mm square and 650mm long. Rather than attempt to replicate the number that would be used in life, I have opted to place ribbands where they will hold the shape of the ribs when they are steamed in. I intend to bend the ribs to shape in advance, so if I get this right they will hold in place once fitted. Using soft copper wire to hold them in place to keep the
  5. A little progress… Cutting the rib pockets out using my little home made chisels. The rabbet has been moved to allow for the altered planking line amidships. I’m learning to be more accurate with each one… might even have a half decent pocket by the time I get to No. 26! Then on to prepare the frames so that I can fix the ribbands to them without gluing, and have some clamping points for planking later… I use a simple little edge marker for this.. A bit crude, but it seems
  6. Hey Bitao7697 - this is just wonderful! I'm just amazed by your great accuracy and ability - what engineering - thank you for inspiring me! Just spent a day on my workshop and I cannot bring myself to photograph my very poor efforts now! It's great to see your skills in so many disciplines - you are a master craftsman no doubt. Looking forward very much to following your build.
  7. Have the frames true to within 1mm at the sheer, rabbet and at each waterline. Some adjustment needs and a couple rebuilt. Getting a sense of the shape of the hull now. May remake the jig to simplify it and allow more room to add the floors ribs and ribbands. Next step is to fair the edges of the frames. It's only at this stage that I feel I have a set of plans that are accurate to the original.
  8. Made a start on a building jig. . Not sure how this will work, but will adapt as I go along. Looks a bit of a mess at this stage. The deadrise area of the frames is not yet cut to shape - a great deal of work to do on fairing the frames! The design will allow me to whip out a frame fairly easily when needed, and trying to allow space to get my hands in and around the work.
  9. Great progress, and some great skills demonstrated here!
  10. Need some tiny chisels to cut out the rib pockets. Found some 2 1/2" masonry nails and fashioned a mini set; 3.5mm 2.5mm and 2mm. Will make handles from an old drum stick. Need to cook a pizza so I can harden the steel again.
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