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  1. So the last update Completed work on the sails for the main mast . Was excited to be able to have it look like the box picture
  2. Really great work . This build is coming together nicely
  3. So just a few observations that I have noted during this stage of the build. I have never done sails before so tried to be as accurate as possible. But there are definitely some conflicting info in the build sheets supplied. Earlier in another build there was discussion about multiple ropes at various pinrails. Once I started tying ropes down . it can get really busy at the rails with the multiple ropes , also should be mentioned that the space to work in decreases with each attachment. So takes a lot of patience , tying and untying , then retying..... I actually detac
  4. Fore sail attached . Also showed views of the blocks arranged on the foresail as well as the rigging behind
  5. Work on the fore top gallant sail . I have showed the process I followed to prepared the sail . The blocks were attached to the lower corners
  6. An update on the build progress Worked on the foresails installation . This shows the Fore Royal Sail Front and rear view to show the rigging
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