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  1. One of the methods that I have used , is not to depress the whole pin into the wood . Leave it out about 2 mm . This means you can pull it out once the glue is set. Works with both glue sets
  2. Apologies for the typo, just saw it now , 😴should have read "yours looking good too "
  3. Here I have done some of the main deck fittings. Out together the capstan and fitted the chains. Put together the housing cover
  4. Intead of showing the same thing . I finished the foredeck . I can't show it , but I pinned the cannon underside , so it manages to move forward and backwards , as well as tilt up or down
  5. Hi, with quite a few HMS Beagle builds going on simultaneously , its interesting to see how different issues are being dealt with , also as to the process of the build . All seem to be doing great. This is my contribution. Installed the stairs and the wheel
  6. Nice work repairing , only you will know its there when you're done
  7. I am very much a weekend warrior , nothing happens during the week , so rest assured it will be a while
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