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  1. Hello everyone! I joined a few weeks ago, and I will start a build log soon. Im starting out on a Sergal HMS President that I got as a Christmas present as my first build. Should be a bit of a challenge judging by the instructions! Currently half way through the first round of planking, its been quite the learning curve. I have a background in Architecture, so I have experience in making architectural models, but I have already learned so much from model ship building, I wish I had started when I was in college as alot of the techniques I have learned so far would have
  2. I recently started a Sergal President which is a similar kit to yours, so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, thanks! Your making great progress!
  3. I cant seem to create a Build Log, is there a reason the option is greyed out when I go to create a topic? Or is there another way?
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