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  1. Hello Franco, you are continuing very well, the 70 pieces you are making are called in the Venetian dialect "baccalari" their shape resembles the wing of the seagull, they were fixed on the blanket in correspondence of the beams, (precisely alternating a beam yes and one no) they served for support the "posticcio" the beam on which there were the oarlocks oars, follow the "Fleur de Lis" monograph which is much more precise and detailed than Corel's drawings so keep it going well !!! Fabio
  2. After turning I made the hole on the bridge and I tried the bigger tree, the dimensions are considerable at the base is 13mm (75 cm) the height is greater than the length of the ship, it is said that this was one of the details of the Santa Maria "not appreciated" by Colombo himself (... it seems ...) the "white" part at the top of the tree is a defect in photography, due to overexposure) above, the ratio between the major shaft base diameter and the final element that enters the masthead hole complete major tree detail and with this I greet you, I go to sleep luponero
  3. "Children should follow in the footsteps of their fathers ..." so, come to Florence yourself (where it's nice to get lost ...)
  4. You're right Cog, unfortunately as a seasoned wood I only have the walnut and cherry (in considerable quantities) I also have pear, apple and white maple but they will be seasoned in a year or so, I carry the photo of the maple that I "potato" in the garden of the house and which I partly seasoned with the intention of making 1 inch boards timber that I would like to use for the next model that I plan to make Fabio
  5. An update of the work carried out, the next work was the realization of the major tree, the measurements are very high, both for the diameter and for height, so I thought of making it with four pieces of wood joined together, creating a "compound" tree so first I chose the table I would have used even if the choice was obligatory: walnut I cut the 8 mm strips and the continuations I joined them by obtaining a beam 16 mm wide to join them together I used an "L" shaped steel profile to avoid misalignments but when I thought of using the lathe I realized that the piece was longer than the size that the lathe could work so I had to use a "manual" lathe using the drill and parts of the lathe that I can independently assemble on the work table allowing me to turn the "long" piece, (over 100 cm) in the photo below, you see the upper part of the tree (three strips are visible, of the four, with different colors) the upper part will be removed later, the upper part (made with another strip) that must be inserted in the hole made in top of the tree, as shown in the drawing at the next update black wolf
  6. hello Cog, you're right, lately I haven't updated the shipyard because I returned to work, unfortunately I had to think about recovering the time spent on vacation ... however, the sooner I update the site with the work done, see you soon Fabio
  7. After laying the moldings I put the gunwale, always in walnut always using strips of 5 cm to make the curvature (even if these of the main deck was necessary to make them with three parts, joined with simple interlocking, under the carryover the walnut board that I used to make the strips made with the "fet", (it is the walnut that was in the backyard, but four years ago a strong wind made him fall, and I made many tables for modeling, and with the trunk of the boards of 6 thickness cm, with which I made a large table, but this is another story ...) carryover of the photos with the finished gunwale it seems that the issues related to the loading of the images are finished, I have not found any problems, the system puts more time loading images, but it seems much more stable, see you next time black wolf
  8. yes Cog, I had to decrease the size of the photo (the photos that I post are already old compared to the original are usually around 400 kb, and I have no problrmi insertion, with the last inserted I 's decreased to 180 kb, and the system allowed me to insert it without problems) See ya' Fabio
  9. I had to change the photo to insert it, then finally, inserted see you next time black wolf
  10. nothing to do I always get the error message "! -200" maybe next time black Wolf
  11. "thank you for the likes", after finishing the internal moldings I started to make the external ones, to make them I had prepared a cardboard shape, the wood used is the walnut, are whole pieces to make them I had to make the walnut boards of 8cm x 1mm as you can see I have brought the shape with the pencil and then I cut it out, positioning it on the wall connecting the whole profile of the ship finished the first part I realized the other (the error system 200- in the insertion of the image, I try to insert it later)
  12. It is very convenient it is a kit consisting of three disc blades with different diameters_ kit 28830 proxxon useful for cutting on already placed details Fabio
  13. Congratulations Patrick for your build, I started following him now, ... better late than never, because it's really beautiful, and I'll definitely continue to follow him! Fabio called luponero

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