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  1. I thank my friends for their welcome appreciation, I continued laying the strips on the deck, always widening the openings on the bridge, always checking the operation of the leds leaving to finish the gunwale, which I will build when I have removed the frames preparing the openings for the grating see you next time
  2. Once the guns were finished, I continued with the realization of the details present on the battery deck, another detail is the lever rudder that is maneuvered by the helmsman in the appropriate housing, which is a raised floor above the battery deck, the rudder is formed by two rods joined by two metal pieces at the end that stopped at the rudder rod allowed it to be maneuvered, I made the rudder and rods, later I will have to make the mechanism (the joint) that allows you to "distribute" the maneuvers to the rudder being locked on the base where the helmsman is.
  3. Grazie per il vostro gradito apprezzamento, il lavoro prosegue nella realizzazione dei particolari delle pistole le fasi di montaggio dei particolari piano piano l'artiglieria è costruita ci sono ancora alcuni dettagli che realizzerò in seguito il regolatore del colpo la brunitura dell'ottone e l'invecchiamento della carrozza and the second base coat the sixteen guns are almost ready see you next time
  4. But before the openings on the sides and the final realization of the planking I decide to make the various accessories that were on the battery deck, I can only do it now, later I will have to "seal" the command deck and this will limit access to the parts under. I start with the construction of the cannons, these are 16 cannons that Sir Dudly with the renovations of 1600 will increase to 64, they are medieval cannons of the 1500 for which made in a more coarser way than the cannons of the 1700, for their construction I used the lathe and rummy like wood to
  5. You're very good Harvey, I saw the canoes you make, beautiful !!! It seems that the canoes they make in Sardinia are similar to those made in Peru on Lake Titicaca by the pre-Columbian populations. I wish you to canoe with the Paiute natives very soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ATDR7FfVxc with regard black Wolf
  6. Welcome Harvey, in the magical world of naval modeling, I see that you like canoes, I am attaching the image of an ancient canoe made with papyrus and dry straw used for fishing, they are still built in Sardinia, it is a primitive boat, thousands of old years and still alive in the ponds of Cabras and Mar'e Pontis are called "fassoni" again, welcome luponero
  7. I thank friends for their kind appreciation, as I said before starting over and finishing the planking I want to finish the details present in the battery deck, on the deck there are 14 guns, in the project the developer recommends the use of "truncated" barrels, a solution that I don't like, so I'll have to start with the construction of the guns and the opening of the gunsports, which follow the "curvature" of the bridge, in Italian they are called lozenge gunsport, that is the lower and upper horizontal side (the thresholds) of the sandbank were parallel to the deck plane while the uprigh
  8. "lusterklem" in English I don't know, in Italian translated it would be "clamp", in Tuscany it is also called "mammoth" but think about how language can change things, however it is that object where you attest to the electrical wires, but from the "lusterklem" to the switch where the batteries are, do you go outside? of course: beautiful creation !!! luponero
  9. Hi Patrick, I am very pleased that you have restarted with the work, which I follow with considerable interest !!! (very interested, given the constructive similarities with the SGB that I am making , ) a question "on the fly" the wire that powers the LEDs you leave it visible outside? or do you foresee a different passage that makes it invisible? luponero
  10. In the meantime the switch for the leds arrived, the work continues with the polishing of the strips, I have to do this because I want to put the guns on the battery deck, the project involves the use of "truncated" barrels fixed on the special blocks of wood, a condition that I do not like, I prefer to make complete guns, allowing you to see the interiors from the open gun doors, to do this I will have to "remove" the internal frames, making future processing very difficult !!! the "national" walnut is one of my favorite essences, I also had pear an
  11. Thanking you for the appreciations, I update the build with the processing phases, I continued in the realization of the planking by cutting a few strips to easily fold the rib strips, I use an iron taking care not to stretch the wires of the lighting system the "red" staff is the drum bridge, a fundamental reference for the creation of gunports, the high and variable height of the sides of the galleon requires the creation of strips with a different height, so I choose another "national" walnut board I
  12. You're right Steven, Dudley's life is very fascinating as the "characteristics" that represent it, illegitimacy was one of the situations that prompted Sir Robert to change country, his stay in Livorno was fundamental both for him and for the city, as its constructions both in the architectural and nautical fields, as well as the restructuring of this model, I am carrying out the version prior to the restructuring of the ship that will take the name of "Livorno" as the city that hosted it. The preparation of the electrical system has caused some structural "changes" on the frames and vari
  13. After arranging the bridges, I came up with the idea of creating the lighting system, I reported on the longitudinal plane the schematic of the system with the leds, the resistors, the path of the conductors, and the interconnections with the primary conductors ending at the battery (two 1.5 v. stylus) I will start to pass the electric wire (telephone braid) while I wait for the LEDs I bought online to arrive, for the realization of the lighting system, it is necessary to open some frames, and checking the operation of
  14. Congratulations Roberto, your shipyard is very interesting, as are the mutual "analogies" that exist, the passion for long and ancient ships, surely the ship you are masterfully building was one of the models I had thought of making, then I chose to la triere, starting from a drawing by Dusek and elaborating it, necessarily (another analogy), I visited your sites, very beautiful, maybe another analogy deriving from your name, are you of Italian origin? If all these analogies are interconnected I assume that a Venetian galley is a type of boat that you could build, I think it would give you
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