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  1. This was built specifically for my step-son, who's a huge Jaws fan!
  2. So, I finally had time to finish the acrylic case and get the Orca delivered to it's new home! It felt like I was taking one of the kids off to college! I know it will be well taken care of......And I have visitation rights!? On to the next!
  3. I took this to the Classic Plastic Model Contest in MA this past weekend.....Took first place in the Miscellaneous Category, their "Best Detail" award and their "Best of Show" award. Kind of amazing for a model car contest to give the best of award to something other than a car.
  4. Well, I got the Orca finished enough to enter it into the Jerseyfest Model competition this past weekend....... To my surprise, it took a gold in the vehicle category, AND it also took Best of show vehicle!? Here are some photos of it at the show........ Hope you like!
  5. Getting the fighting chair painted up. Acrylics, enamels, pastels and clearcoat
  6. Been busy with Summer things...... Working on the house and rebuilding my 66 Plymouth Valiant wagon, finally got some time to get back to the boat! Got the fighting chair all molded up. Now I'm painting and assembling the chair for the boat. Have a bunch of small detail work to finish up the next few days, then her & I are taking the trek down to Jerseyfest for her first competition! I'll get updated photos soon! Here are a couple cool lighting shots!
  7. AMAZING build!? The detail and quality of your work is outstanding! Hats off to you sir!
  8. I think you're going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the ***
  9. Quick update..... Finally got the small Rock Away logo cast, that was a chore!? Had to find a material that would be strong enough but pliable to get a quality casting. I ended up using a dab of Magic Sculp to get it. Now that's done I'll get it adhered to the foot rest and get the molds made. Hopefully I can get those done this weekend. Happy 4th of July to all our USA members!
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