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  1. I'm not happy with the 1:93 scale ships boats in my kit. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can find either kit based or already made ships boats in 1:93 scale?
  2. first, did French frigates such as Hermione have copper plating? I am building her, and plan to leave the hull natural, using walnut veneer planking. Should I copper plate below the waterline or leave it natural? In your opinion, what would look the best?
  3. I've been going over the instructions and plan sheets for the Artisania Latina Hermione, and I can't make heads or tails of the rigging plans. Is there any book I can get to help me understaand the rigging and A/L's crazy diagrams. I just finished rigging the Syren, and Chuck's instructions were excellent. I am at a loss with the A/L plans. Help!!!!!
  4. Hello Bill and Mort. Like you, my Connie languished for about 25 years. I built and planked the hull, then put it aside. It was kept in a box all that time. About two years ago I took it out and started to work on it, thanks to help and pictures from Mort. I now have the hull, deck furniture, cannons etc., all completed. I have fashioned the masts and spars and painted them, and am ready to put the blocks, etc., on them. I have a couple of questions. How do you tell from the plans that a single or double block is required? Is it just from the drawing? For example, on the plan sheet th
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