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  1. I got one of the 6-pounders complete except for the breeching tackle so here are two shots made with my digital SLR instead of the iPhone. I have everything on the other seven except for the trunnion cap and associated "bolts" so should have them all completed tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. Then the breeching tackle and I'll start on the out-haul tackles (all 70 or so of them).
  2. Thank you Jean-Paul I got all the 12-pounders touched up and the breeching tackle rigged so I have put them in a storage box to keep the saw dust (while will be coming shortly) out. I rigged the breeching rope under the rear wheels so that gravity will help to shape the rigging line while they sit in storage. Now on to the 6 pounders (only 8 of these worst case).
  3. All 28 12 pounders now have the trunnion caps and simulated bolt heads installed. I need to touch up the bolt heads (and some of the caps) with flat black but should get any red touch-up done first. So I have taken all the pieces of the 6 pounder carriages out of their carrier sheets and am removing the laser char in preparation for painting them and while I have the red paint available I will touch up the 12 pounder carriages too. So here are the 28 12 pounders waiting for touch-up and then the breeching tackle before going into "cold storage" until later.
  4. Thanks Bossman. I finally got all the 12 pounder gun barrels painted (kept having air brush problems, think I have them resolved, at least for now) and now have them all mounted on their carriages. Glued the quions to the bed and added the rear eyebolt. Here are the 28 12 pounders mounted on their carriages Currently working getting the trunnion caps on the carriages. For the cap material I am using a black "laserboard" that is .010" thick. Probably too thick at this scale but.... I use a Xacto knife and steel ruler to cut off s
  5. Continuing the saga of building the Confederacy's armament I added the eyebolt and split rings for the breeching tackle to the sides of the carriages. The instructions say not to add these until the breeching tackle as been assembled but I choose to do it now. I used the 3/32" split rings (although given the size of the eyebolts I used for the outhaul tackle I probably could have used 1/8") and 32 ga annealed wire to make an "eyebolt" around the split ring. It was important (don't ask me how I know) to grip the split ring with the "split" inside the grip of the pliers used to hold
  6. With the cannon chemically cleaned now comes the application of the "Royal Monogram". Since there are 24 of these yet to be done, I decided that I needed a jig to hold the barrels so they didn't move around while the monogram is glued on. I cut a groove in a scrap to hold the barrel and then a slot for the trunnion. Here is the jig with a barrel inserted. I used a toothpick in the barrel so I could stick them into a floral block for painting. Here is a barrel with medium CA applied to the area where the monogram will be applied. And here it is with t
  7. With the stool bed added the last item before the cannon are the wheels. I had kept them separated throughout the assembly process so it was and easy task to get the correct wheel on the correct axle. Here is the rogues gallery of the 28 carriages for the 12 pounder cannon. I decided to get the remaining 24 cannon barrels for the 12 pounders ready now. I have not decided exactly how I will mount the barrels (tape, card stock, laserboard, brass) so this will give me some more time to figure that out. I could also assemble the carriages for the six pounders and con
  8. After the brief sojourn into cannon barrels above I returned to the carriages and added the 22ga wire that supports the forward end of the stool bed and the 28ga wires that simulate the transom attachment and then painted the cut ends of the annealed wire flat black. I found that just touching the end of a sharpened awl to the paint that sticks to the bottle cap captured just enough paint to do the two wires on one side. Only 57 more to do. Here is an example side with the wires painted. With that done next was to add the stool bed. I used medium CA on the rear axle bols
  9. While fiddling around with the gun carriages I decided to make a foray into the cannon. I have the 1 29/64" Syren brass guns that are for these carriages and was trying to decide whether to paint or chemically blacken them. I have looked at various blogs, forums and the NRG journal (which had a shop tip on the subject last quarter or the one before) and none of these techniques seem to yield a really black finish that does not rub off to some degree when handled - which will of course be necessary to some degree just getting them on the carriages to say nothing of rigging them. So
  10. Thunder, Thanks but I think, based on the extensive list of models you have built that your experience base is as extensive as mine. I have tried to avoid square rigged vessels since I did Niagara. All those yards and rigging is still intimidating me.
  11. Greg and Seahawk, Thanks for the info I will give the primers a try.
  12. The next step (at least as I see it) is to install the transom above the front axle. As shown in the drawing below (this is the drawing from the Syren web site which is for the carriage kits sold there but this is essentially identical to the drawing included on Sheet Four the Confederacy plans - just easier to photograph) the transom should go just forward of the front axle and is tiled toward the rear of the carriage by about 15 degrees. I took the cowards way out and decided to mount the transom on top of the front axle instead of in front of it. To get the r
  13. Two additional items added to all 26 (I haven't caught up with the two prototypes yet) gun carriages. Two eyebolts added to each side of each carriage. I used 3/32" brass eyebolts that have been chemically blackened. I tried to handle them with my hands as little as possible to keep them as black as possible. I did one side at a time put a drop of medium CA on the inside of the carriage. When the glue was dry I clipped off the excess shank inside the carriage. Here is the "rogues gallery" of the 28 carriages with eyebolts installed. Here is one carriage with
  14. I am starting the Model Expo Confederacy kit and am struggling with painting the figurehead - picture below (and other Britannia metal decorations). The instructions say these decorations should be painted to look like wood. I also understand that early on (2009-2010) there were resin versions of these decorations but these are no longer available. So I am stuck with the Britannia metal versions. I have never had much luck painting Britannia metal parts. The paint (and I have tried oil and water based paints) does not seem to want to adhere to the edges of the item.
  15. I have the cannon assembly line in "full operation. Since I showed it previously I have made a few changes to my carriage assembly "jig". Experience is always a teacher. I added supports at the rear of the jig to hold the rear of the carriage level with the lowest level of the carriage resting on the support. I also added a block at the front to hold the forward end of the carriage upright and snug to the outer jig support. Here is what it looks like with two carriage sides inserted. To keep the sides from moving I clamped them to the outer jig supports
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