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  1. A full shot of the starboard side in the kit supplied stand. I have to clean up the one used in construction to use as this one is too unstable to use for the long term. I am trying to figure out if I can get/make a case for it that will not cost an arm and a leg and be so heavy it will need a "ten man working party" (old USN term) to move it. This is the side that will "show" where she will be displayed.
  2. Starboard side deck is complete😀 Now to fix the port side winches☹️ Here are some closeups of the starboard side.
  3. Windward side jib sheet and upper flying jib sheet lines in place around winches, belayed to cleats with rope coils.
  4. Windward side lower flying jib sheet (forward most of the sheet lines) going around the winch clockwise. Line is not tight as this side sheets lines and not holding the sail. I used a smaller coil of line since some of the line is used to carry the sheet around the jib stay for the flying jib or mast for jib.
  5. Working to "undo" the my mistake on the winches I wanted to get a picture of the windward sheet lines (which I have decided to also rig around the winches (in a clockwise manner of course) - thanks again Keith) as they are seen from the windward side. So here it is! Admittedly it is a little hard to find the jib sheet as it goes pretty close to the deck but I think I got the arrow pointed in the correct spot.
  6. Yes Keith thanks - I caught your note just before I did two out of three incorrectly on the windward side.
  7. Here is the first leeward sheet line, the jib sheet around winch and terminated at cleat with rope coil.
  8. Working to rig the sheet lines for the jib and flying jib. The instructions show the sheet lines on one side (presumably the leeward side) but there are sheet lines that run to both sides of the ship. On the leeward side the sheet lines run through blocks at the deck edge and around the indicated winches and terminate at the indicated cleats. On the windward side the sheet lines run through the corresponding deck edge blocks and I think they would go directly to the indicated cleats rather than around the winches. Here is the Flying Jib tack going around the forward winch (and feeding from the top not the bottom as shown in the instructions) and termionating at the forwardmost cleat.
  9. Hey all you sailors out there here is a question. The Amati instructions for the Endeavour kit show (see photo below) pretty clearly that the line goes around the winch starting at the top in a clockwise direction. Thus the line feeds off the winch at the bottom as the winch turns clockwise. That is contrary to the limited experience that I have had and the You-Tube videos on sheet winches all show the line feeding off the top of the winch not the bottom. I am getting ready to rig the jib and flying jib sheets on my Endeavour and would like to do it correctly (in spite of the instructions). Anyone see things differently or is this the British way of rigging winches?
  10. Keith - I have been thinking about the next build for some time. I would like to do the Charles P. Notman (4 masted schooner from early 1800's) kit by BlueJackets. I have not seen it done before on MSW so no "cheating" by looking at previous build logs. My only reservation is that it is 1/96 scale which is smaller than I have done before (with the exception of Endeavour all the kits I have built were 1/48 or 1/64) and I kind of like the larger scales which allow more detailing. I thought about just buying the plans and trying to sort of scratch build by replicating the center keel/bulkheads at 1/64th but the 1/96th kit is 41" overall so a 50% scale up would make the model almost 5' long (bigger than Endeavour!) which would be a problem to find a place to display. I have the brig Syren (Model Expo) on hand but do not want to do another square rigger this soon after doing Niagara. As much as I like rigging it seemed to never end on the Niagara and I am sure the Syren would be the same. So I will just have to press on with Endeavour and then tend to the Christmas decorations and think some more.
  11. Although not without drama (a block came apart on the tack) the Fly Jib is flying. I am going to quit while I am ahead tonight and rig the sheet lines tomorrow along (hopefully) with getting the back stay retensioned. Then it is adding the remaining rope coils and cleaning up a few odds and ends. Completion is in sight😊
  12. As it turned out I had just enough 3/64" brass rod to make nine shackles, one spare over the eight required (main sail, jib and flying jib halyards, jib and flying jib tacks and jib sheet and flying jib sheets (two). So I went ahead and made them up and installed the three on the main and jib. Here is a new picture of the jib tack with the new shackle, the tack belayed on its cleat and the rope coil and the main halyard belayed with its rope coil.
  13. I found a short piece of 3/64" brass rod this morning so since what I ordered will not be here until tomorrow at the earliest I decided to try my hand at making a shackle. The overall length of the piece of brass is 19mm which yields a shackle about 6mm X 3mm. At this scale that would be just over 8" tall. Probably not too out of scale as these sails are pretty big. I will make as many as I have material (and patience) for now and finish when I get the rest of the 3/64" brass. I will use the Britannia metal ones as place holders and not secure any of the lines where they are used. I may have enough to do the main and flying jib but that will depend on how many I ruin in the process.
  14. Frankie - I have both 5 minute and 30 minute from Model Expo but they are both probably 3 years old. I will try some Devcon next time I need some (which isn't very often, at least not so far).

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