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Sanding sticks

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Some other tool I cant do without. A few years ago I was at a Hobby fair and saw a tool wich was new to me. My wife imidiately recognized it as a nailfile. I never saw a nailfile like that before, I only knew the metal ones. This one was made of firm foam and plastic and it felt very stif. Enought words for now. I turned out to be my favourite tool for filing grinding and sanding. Its suitable for wood and plastic and they are very durable. In the local hobby shop they cost me 2 euro a piece but I found them on Aliexpress for round 2 euro for ten pieces. Not very expensive so just order some and try it out.


Some pictures to show what I am talking about.









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I just discovered those myself and they work very well, Kees.  They're flexible and can be cut to shape.  I just picked some of those up over the weekend along with some of the sanding sponges they use.  Both the files and sponges come in a variety of grits.

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and in many part of the U.S. you can buy a pack of them for a buck at a Dollar Store. 


In Holland its very hard to find or its very expensive. Only the wooden sandsticks are available but i I am not fond of them.


Regards, Kees

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