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USS Constitution by Buick nut - 1/76 scale father and son build

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Sounds like a bundle of fun.

SO... Who is the shipwright ??

I have built a model with my young person and I really enjoyed the build. Great fun.

Nice to use a good jig at the start..insurers everything is square and true.


Regards Antony.

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For this build my father will be the Shipwrights. But as he builds this I'll be making two sets of templates so I can build the sister ships the uss United States and the Uss President from scratch and once I get the piece's made I'll start my own build logs for those in scratch build log section of this site

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Ok a little bit of an update he has done some work and I'll post some pics of what he has done so far


The top pic is what he made to hold the planks against the hull.which is plastic cloth spins with nails epoxied in.


The lower pic is of his home made miter box for his razor saw from a couple of blocks of red oak



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I have found, and your photos show, that it is not just a matter of taking the wood out of the box and gluing it together. It is more of a science from the standpoint of creating the tools to insure allingment and integretiy of the build.


Thanks for sharing


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Thanks Coleman and Dan,

My father is a natural inventer/engineer, and we have a blast with the little stuff like that you are right it is more of a science to us but it's the way we think we like to have our ships looking straight .i say we because ill be building two more hulls from this kit having made copies and templates of all of the parts before they get used

So I can make her sister ships as well from scratch

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