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  1. J , I am following your build as after quite some time I am getting back to my Conny , a ship I have loved for the better part of my 74 years . Thank you for all of the info and efforts you have made to show your progress Dan Doyle DanO
  2. You have taken upon yourself a true challenge and it is my opinion that you have come to the right community to assist you in your endeavor . It will take time , research ,understanding , and patience . Dan
  3. Jay, You are doing such a great job and only wish that I had more time to follow. Be well Dan
  4. Wood is such a precious commodity which comes in all shapes sizes and species from the simpilest bounty of pine to the rare Huanghuali. What is done with these woods is in the eyes and mind of the beholder. To look at something in its raw state and see the beauty of a finished piece is truly a God given talent for which we are not all blessed, I included, but it does not mean that I am incapable of appreciating the their artistry. Every piece of wood which I have for modeling has come from a kit or supplier but this does not mean that i have to defend my source of aquisition nor will I do so. Dan
  5. The concept of harvesting, curing and shaping of ones own wood is very admirable for those who have this ability and there are many rewards for doing so. First there is the knowledge which is gained concerning the different woods as to properties such as grain and other attraibutes. Second is the total start to end story which can be related to the finished product. As for the tools they are the choice of the modeler based on ones budget. There are those who order, receive, and create models and those who truly start from scratch. I feel that both approaches should be applauded for they have a basic goal and that is to produce a finished product which represents their labor of love. Dan
  6. Jay, There are so many historical gaps with Conny I believe that it is virtually imposible to represent her at any one period of time, specifically her early days, for I believe changes were made to accomodate her function as a superior fighting machine and not documented for what was important was survival at the time rather than historical documentation. Of course the exception are the most recent changes which were not done to get her ready for war. The Museum has a research center which is available on an appointment basis if one wishes to do more historical research but I believe that there are many dead ends there based on my previous comment. I believe that I mentiones earlier the work of Gene Bodnar based on Marquardts book which created a great sectional model which the museum had purchased. He found errors, especialling in the scailing of the different sections, but moved on without getting distracted and I personally feel that this is the best way to go. I am adding a few comments I found as they relate to the 1927 restoration which may help in making a point and even then what they did was based on assumptions rather than fact, in my humble opinion. Dan
  7. Jay, Are you going to include the television on the table in the crews lounge? LOL Dan
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