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Well as my adventures in getting my shop together. One big issue with me as is with others. Is an area for your model to be built. But you also need an area for your plans. I have seen others will have their plans under glass and their model on top. Others build a drawer and they slide the drawer open, then close it to get close to their project to work on. Some have them pinned on the walls. So this was one big issue I really had to think things out. So I had so many ideas running through my head. Until finally I found one that would work for me.


  1.  I needed something I did not have to worry about fitting my model and plans in the same area. But still had them close enough so all I had to do was turn and there they are.

  2.  At the end of the day roll them back up and put them away. When I’d rather leave them out.

  3.  When I take measurements from my plans I much more preferred to be standing and have the plans basically on the wall. I just think I take better measurements rather then stooping over plans that are flat on a table.

  4. But I also needed to have them laid flat to see if my new part fleshly made matches the plans.

   5. And one really big issue. Leaving my plans out. But not in the way when doing other things around the house.


   6. I also hate to waste space. I like to use every bit.

   There are other reasons but too many to mention. But I hope you get my drift….

So I came up with my “TWO-SIDED PLAN TABLE” or “TWO-WAY”


post-1053-0-04447900-1434945674_thumb.jpg       post-1053-0-63108100-1434945685_thumb.jpg    post-1053-0-68493200-1434945699_thumb.jpg   


post-1053-0-55968300-1434945711_thumb.jpg      post-1053-0-42384600-1434945723_thumb.jpg      post-1053-0-92574700-1434945733_thumb.jpg


post-1053-0-28883200-1434945743_thumb.jpg     post-1053-0-44496200-1434945753_thumb.jpg     


When the table is down I can also pin a 3rd plan to the wall. No more switching from plan to plan most will be dsplayed for my use.... So my shop is getting there.



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