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U.S. Brig Syren By Gundorph - Model Shipways

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I Know, I Know, I Know, another Syren build...


But what can i say its a great kit... There are so many there have built it... ( Very Very Very Impressed by all off you Syren Builders )


So i hope i can get help from you if it´s needed..


I will start building in the next couple off days... ( Sorry for my bad English ) 


Here's what I received yesterday.






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Make sure that you check everything in the box against the parts list. Not only will you find out if anything is missing or broken, but later when a lot of the parts are removed, it will help you find a part that you're looking for - not to mention the occasional, "what the hell is that and where was it supposed to go?"

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Found the first little issue... The framing templates provided is way out of scale...  :angry: But then i looked at the plansheet 2 and that scale is correct... 


Dont now if any of you gays have had that problem??? 


The picture shows the diffrent issue...  

The upper model is the correct scale...


Edited by Gundorph
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I am looking forward to watching your build. The Syren is the next model on my list once I complete the Kate Cory. It will be a step up for me with the plank-on-bulkhead format. Looking forward to it!


Concerning the templates: Yes, this is a known issue here on Model Ship World. Not sure why it is not fixed at Model Shipways. If you search the forums here for "Syren template" you will see a slew of others who have encountered this. It all works out in the end.




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Good Evening...


I got these to 80cm x 120cm magnetic whiteboards today at my work (For FREE)... I immediately thought that i could use them for the plans for my Syren in the Shipyard... Much easier to switch between the different plans... My Shipyard issent that big.... :)   



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  • 2 weeks later...

Gunports in place...  :cheers:


Damm that was a lot off sanding and still need a little more...  :) but the worst is over....


I think it looks good  ;) What do you??? 


i am having a blast building this ship. Great kit by Chuck...


22 hours into the build... ( Don´t now if i am slow )  :D







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