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Not necessarily! Having seen your brilliant work it is more than tempting but I am not at all sure I could do as good a job as yours. As they say on TV 'other kits are available' and it would be interesting to get an idea of other peoples thoughts.

Like you I would try to do an un-painted finish as I love the wood and your build is testament to its beauty. 

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Part of the reason i asked ,was that if you do not intend building straight from the box and not painting ,you will probably find you have to replace a lot of the timber and scratch build many parts to suit the build . I know i have spent more than the difference in price of the Billings compered to the CC , but had i went with the CC I may also have had to replace quite a few parts as well ??  I don;t mean to bring it all down to money but why pay for stuff you may not use !! eg the copper plates i believe come as standard on most kits but are you going to use them ???. i,m only expressing my opinion and have no experience of the CC kit which seems to be the prefered Victory kit and with much better fittings and instructions as others will undoubtly be advising you and had i been more confident was probably the one i would have bought ,although glad now i didn,t . As for your ability to better my ploughmans efforts your past builds easily answer the question  . Hopefully others with more experience will be able to give better advice and i suppose it depends how much bashing you want to do .Good luck 



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I have built he Corel version. I would not recommend it as the instructions are woeful. I am currently building the Caldercraft Supply and have the Caldercraft Bounty and Endeavour on the shelf Both instructions and fittings are very good - although I have done a lot of scratch work on the Supply. Timber used for the second layer of planking is of inconsistent quality but there is plenty of it. On the basis of my experience with these kits, if I were to build another Victory, I would seriously consider the Caldercraft version.

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I am building the Caldercraft Version.

it is a costly kit certainly but I think you get what you pay for.

It seems to me that all the parts are specific, no generally available parts.

The three manuals are well written but do assume a reasonably experienced builder.

18 full size drawings, very helpful

My timber was all good quality, CC replaced one sheet of cut items due to a split.

many sheets of etched brass.

The upper hull templates for first planking mean that gun ports get correctly aligned which is a huge benefit.

All in all it would be my recommendation.



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Without question, the Caldercraft kit is the best available - with a basic assumption that price is no object. If you can wait several months, it's quite possible that Victory Models (Amati) will release a larger (3/16"=1') scale kit - a definitive kit of the Victory, albeit even more pricey than CC. 


Both of these kits have been designed by master U.K. designer, Chris Watton. The materials are very good in both, the plans are excellent for both (with an edge to Victory/Amati for more important detail), the instructions for both mediocre at best. One needs to be quite advanced to build these "high-end" kits as they are demanding and will require a years-long dedication for most. When the hull is "complete", one is halfway done for a completed model; you'll face another prolonged build to complete either model's impressive masting and rigging.


If you're anxious to get started on this project, you can't go wrong with Caldercraft's kit. It's also one incremental scale smaller at 1/72 versus the 1/64 of Victory/Amati's forthcoming release (likely next year).


I hope this recommendation helps! :o



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Many thanks for that Ron. I am really not sure that I have the skills needed to complete any Victory kit satisfactorily and whilst I can see that the CC kit is amazing, so is it's price tag !!


I am so envious of Shihawks build which is what has caused me to think seriously about having a go at my own. but I am not sure that I can justify spending so much money on a dream plus the fact I am pretty sure I would need some more tools as well !!!


Whatever, I thank you and value your comments and suggestions.



PS. Maybe you could have a look at my Bounty gallery and see if you think I am up to taking on the Victory.

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"Not sure I understand your post dafi even if Canute likes it !"


It was just the hint, that one of the best kits in my humble opinion is the 1:100 Heller plastic kit !


And I am talking from own experience :-)


Cheers, DAniel



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You are most welcome.

I just looked at your Gallery pics of your Bounty. You certainly have the skills necessary to build the Caldercraft Victory in my opinion - including the extensive rigging the model requires. You like sails, so the possibility of adding them to a CC Victory build is there for you- although the kit DOES NOT include them. I would estimate that a suit of sails (I personally recommend the "silkspan" technique) will add another2-3 months to the build- but this isn't that foreboding except that you'll want to plan for this addition BEFORE you start the running rigging. I noted that your planking job is quite good and perfectly adequate for Victory's - but the hull will be approximately twice the size of your Bounty- AND, you'll need to affix a couple thousand small copper plates to her hull for the accuracy you'll want to achieve with this model.


In our skill-intensive, interesting hobby one usually gets what one pays for (unlike an investment in Volkswagen's "Clean diesel" cars- :o ). The calibre of the components in a Caldercraft kit is excellent and the wood components (routed pieces and plank wood) are high-quality. P/E brass and cast metal items precise and the brass turned cannon are also excellent - and close to accurate reproductions with a little bashing).


This kit remains a favorite because it is actually good value, even at the relatively high tag it commands. Some of the money one spends is in the well done, large-scale plan drawings (there are many sheets); these are well-drafted, especially the masting/rigging ones. 


Personally, if I'm tackling a long project that's going to absorb me, the additional cost of working with materials and plans that are top-notch is well worth it - even if I have to save for a while to come up with the extra Dosh! ;)


You have the skills. You also have this excellent forum for help when you need it. Put a few more pounds into the jar, my friend. YOu won't regret that decision- either way!


Cheers :cheers:



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Ron, thank you so much for your post and for the flattery !!! There is noting like a good boost to the ego now and then !! Sorry for not replying to you sooner but have been enjoying some of those rare Scottish summer days away before Winter sets in and serious modelling time is available.


I value your comments about the Caldercraft kit and do take on board the comments you make about the plans, quality etc but the price tag still hurts !!

I may have to simply wait until my piggy bank has a lot more in it. Loads of others also think your comments useful so maybe I just have to be patient. Problem then is, what do I build while I am saving up ?

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