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SWIFT 1805 by juansystem05 - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:50 - First wooden ship build

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This is going to be my first build. However it will be a challenging one, my skills will be put to the test immediately and that is because the kit is incomplete. It is missing all the hull parts, keel and bulkheads are not present.


It might not be the best idea to start this hobby with an incomplete kit (I have a few others complete) but I like challenges. Wish me luck.  :10_1_10:






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Hi js05

Definitely wishing you good luck. I am very close to finishing a swift 1805, which is my first boat.

I started it well before I found this site, hence no log.


It has been a tricky little build. Going from what i know now, i could not imagine starting out on

this hobby and doing a much bigger, more complicated ship, as some do.


If you have any questions, fire them at me, not that i can claim to be very knowledgeable in model ship building.



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I bought the kit from Ebay so I assume the previous owner started the ship but since it was a state find the seller didn't knew where the parts were.


It includes some sort of part list, that's the only guide I have. They are not 1:1 scale, but it's better than nothing



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Been very busy for a while (got married, have a son now) but I intent to continue with this model. Any help would be appreciated, specially some helps for the bulkheads as they didn't fit quite well the other parts from the kit. Perhaps I can try trial an error this time. 


I was just about to buy this kit again Brand New, but the one I have is only missing the bulkheads and keel so I don't feel like having too many extra parts.

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Finally I am building this boat.

I was able to get the new version from AL. Sad they are closing.

So far I am at the planking stage, doing it the best I can, this is the first time I actually plank a model. A lot of patient is required but so far I think I am doing a decent job.

What do you think?






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Planking done!

The result is definitely not the best but still I hope that some filler will help to get a good result.


I am not sure how the edges should look like. Instructions only say to leave edges clear but not the shape they should have. The keel will be installed there and its thickness is the same as the false keel so the planks will not be covered. I dont know if I explain myself properly. My idea is to sand the planks at the edge so that they meet the edge smoothly and when the keel is installed no edge of the plank will be visible. 


See the little diagram I made, the red line is what I understand from the instructions, just leave the edge clear. The Blue lines is my idea of how the planks should be shape so that the keel fits smoothly. 






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I know I shouldn't be thinking about that at this stage of the build but It could be helpful if I get tired of building this boat and feel like starting a second one


so the question is, What kit do you recommend as second build?


I really like the occre endeavour but it looks very complex so I think it is not a good idea



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some filler and sanding did the trick, at least it looks decent now


Deck planking is complete too!

This newer version of the kit is low quality, plywood is not genuine, I mean is the chinese version of the real deal. Only looks good, it is weaker and only outer layer is made out of the actual wood it is trying to imitate. The inner layers are made probably of scrap wood. Instructions are also not good. I am sad for AL this is probably why they went to bankruptcy ,  their previous kits (I own some of them) where a good deal for the price and had nice quality wood. Also the availability of the kits was great. 



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I have to ask, what is going on with the orange-colored deck planks? It looks a bit odd. As for second kits, if you successfully complete Swift, then you should be perfectly capable of handling any number of potential subjects. Jumping directly to a square-rigged three-master might be tough, but it would mainly be about the complexity of the rig. I chose a cutter as my second POB kit -- the single mast greatly reduces the task list for a novice builder. Many great cutter kits currently on the market.

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24 minutes ago, juansystem05 said:

The idea was to simulate the natural tone variation of wood

Because of weathering and constant holystoning, decks tended to be uniformly light in color.

25 minutes ago, juansystem05 said:

Can you name a specific kit? just to have a better idea.

For cutters, off the top of my head: Avos by Master Korabel, Alert by Vanguard Models, Cheerful by Syren Ship Models, Sherbourne by Caldercraft, Lady Nelson by Amati/Victory Models, Le Renard by Soclaine, Hunter by Mamoli.

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