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  1. Any progress? I have this exact same kit and this is the only build log I have found so far. Great work btw hope you can make some more progress son
  2. the lady nelson looks great and also I found some video logs which will be very helpful!
  3. thank you chris didnt know about the decoloration of decks due to weather. nice! will have a look at them! and see which one I like the most
  4. The idea was to simulate the natural tone variation of wood but I used too much stain in the left side but didn't want to rebuild it. Can you name a specific kit? just to have a better idea.
  5. some filler and sanding did the trick, at least it looks decent now Deck planking is complete too! This newer version of the kit is low quality, plywood is not genuine, I mean is the chinese version of the real deal. Only looks good, it is weaker and only outer layer is made out of the actual wood it is trying to imitate. The inner layers are made probably of scrap wood. Instructions are also not good. I am sad for AL this is probably why they went to bankruptcy , their previous kits (I own some of them) where a good deal for the price and had nice quality wood. Also the availability of the kits was great.
  6. I know I shouldn't be thinking about that at this stage of the build but It could be helpful if I get tired of building this boat and feel like starting a second one so the question is, What kit do you recommend as second build? I really like the occre endeavour but it looks very complex so I think it is not a good idea thanks
  7. Planking done! The result is definitely not the best but still I hope that some filler will help to get a good result. I am not sure how the edges should look like. Instructions only say to leave edges clear but not the shape they should have. The keel will be installed there and its thickness is the same as the false keel so the planks will not be covered. I dont know if I explain myself properly. My idea is to sand the planks at the edge so that they meet the edge smoothly and when the keel is installed no edge of the plank will be visible. See the little diagram I made, the red line is what I understand from the instructions, just leave the edge clear. The Blue lines is my idea of how the planks should be shape so that the keel fits smoothly.
  8. Finally I am building this boat. I was able to get the new version from AL. Sad they are closing. So far I am at the planking stage, doing it the best I can, this is the first time I actually plank a model. A lot of patient is required but so far I think I am doing a decent job. What do you think?
  9. This build log is inspiring. I hope to be able to build this same boat one day but make it RC. Congratulation!
  10. I think this is the level of quality all manufacturers should aim for, almost every part comes precut and instructions are very clear even when they are in russian. I also found some nice videos (in russian too) but they were extremely helpful
  11. Been very busy for a while (got married, have a son now) but I intent to continue with this model. Any help would be appreciated, specially some helps for the bulkheads as they didn't fit quite well the other parts from the kit. Perhaps I can try trial an error this time. I was just about to buy this kit again Brand New, but the one I have is only missing the bulkheads and keel so I don't feel like having too many extra parts.
  12. Hi Sam! Did you ever finished this model? Bought one from Ebay, unfortunately it is very incomplete , missing almost all wood parts and Sheet 2 of plans Any chance you could help me with sheet 2 of plans? I can buy more wood and see if I am able to cut my own parts
  13. The few pieces I have are being very useful, I am taking measurement from them, the rest is estimated, hope it will work. Perhaps my plans can help someone else in the future

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