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  1. I think this is the level of quality all manufacturers should aim for, almost every part comes precut and instructions are very clear even when they are in russian. I also found some nice videos (in russian too) but they were extremely helpful
  2. Been very busy for a while (got married, have a son now) but I intent to continue with this model. Any help would be appreciated, specially some helps for the bulkheads as they didn't fit quite well the other parts from the kit. Perhaps I can try trial an error this time. I was just about to buy this kit again Brand New, but the one I have is only missing the bulkheads and keel so I don't feel like having too many extra parts.
  3. Hi Sam! Did you ever finished this model? Bought one from Ebay, unfortunately it is very incomplete , missing almost all wood parts and Sheet 2 of plans Any chance you could help me with sheet 2 of plans? I can buy more wood and see if I am able to cut my own parts
  4. The few pieces I have are being very useful, I am taking measurement from them, the rest is estimated, hope it will work. Perhaps my plans can help someone else in the future
  5. Progress so far. I am making a 3D model to make sure everything will fit properly. From here I will create the plans to cut the missing parts in the kit. What do you think?
  6. I bought the kit from Ebay so I assume the previous owner started the ship but since it was a state find the seller didn't knew where the parts were. It includes some sort of part list, that's the only guide I have. They are not 1:1 scale, but it's better than nothing
  7. Thanks folks: Your help will be very useful. I have some basswood and birch plywood which I intent to use for the missing parts
  8. Hi: This is going to be my first build. However it will be a challenging one, my skills will be put to the test immediately and that is because the kit is incomplete. It is missing all the hull parts, keel and bulkheads are not present. It might not be the best idea to start this hobby with an incomplete kit (I have a few others complete) but I like challenges. Wish me luck.
  9. Thanks for the info Mike: I like that ship but looking at the comments before yours I was kind of disappointed. I am inexperienced modeler but from what I have seen in the kits I can say that they are indeed just some sort of shortcut to build the model you want, from my point of view (novice) they help you with the materials and some info. I bought to AL kits to start in this hobby but while going through the kits I decided to start a model from scratch using better quality plans from other manufacturer, the kits will have to wait but they helped in a way, now I know more about the parts and wood species than before. Juan
  10. Hi; I am glad I found this list! I wont support this companies, I am myself a designer and I know how piracy affect us. I do not design ship models of course, I am more a mechanical designer. On the other hand I have a question: I want to build this halcon kit from ZHL models but of course I wont buy it from them. What I want is to see if someone can tell me Who's the legit manufacturer of this ship and the real name of this ship (if it's different) Link for reference only: Link removed because they are blood sucking crooks. Thanks in advance: Juan
  11. looking forward to see the steam tug seguin
  12. Thank you fellow modelers I will follow your advice
  13. Hi: I asked this question in my introduction topic but I think here is a better place to ask. These are the kits I have bought, some because are very old and I did not want to miss the opportunity of having them. - America yacht by sterling models (RC) - Dallas revenue cutter by Artesania Latina - Swift by Artesania Latina - Bluenose by mini mamoli My 2 candidates are the swift and the bluenose. I actually bought the bluenose to make it my first model but now that I have it seems very small and I think would be hard to do the rigging for a beginner, the main point is that it is solid hull construction which is easier but to be honest I do not like solid hull construction however it can be a good exercise for other techniques. Should I start with the mini mamoli? the swift by AL? or something bigger like the Dallas revenue(I wouldn't like to mess this kit because it is out of production)? The America yacht I think is out of play for now because this particular ship has a special place in my heart (childhood memories) and I want to start it once I feel comfortable with my skills as a model ship builder. Your help is appreciate it. Juan
  14. Hi Shawn: I will start shortly the mini mamoli bluenose as my first model from kit. Your experience will be very helpful to me. To be honest I am not sure this ship is for a beginner because it is too small and will be hard to do the rigging. Keep posting your work! I am surprise no replies before me. Juan
  15. Hi folks: I have this same kit and I see it is older than me (I'm 26) but my question is: Do you recommend me to work in this kit as my first plank on bulkhead model? Should I start with something easier? I also have the latina swift but unfortunately it is incomplete no bulkheads, no keel, everything else is there. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help Juan

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