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Jigs for soldering photo etch

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Hi Les here. I purchased the full photo etch from D.J. Parkins for the 1/72 Corvette. I am having issues with trying to solder the small parts to do the build ups. I can't seem to come up with a good way to hold parts together so I can solder or glue them. I have tried to use alligator clips etc. Any help would be great.

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G'day Les.  I have found those cheaper 'third hand' devices with plain alligator clips not suited to smaller soldering jobs also.  I have invested in the GRS rig which jewellers and the like prefer; not cheap but do a much better job.


I think it may have been REMCO that also discussed a soldering block which was about 10cm x 10cm or so, and was honeycombed to accept small brass or steel pins which held smaller pieces in situ and you could apply a naked flame to the joint.  Can't find the post at the moment but if I do I'll update this post.





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Check out the video by Paul Budzik on soldering techniques.  I have done a lot of silver soldering but hadn't done much with photo etch and a soldering iron (except electrical connections for R/C boats) and his video helped a lot - so did getting a good adjustable soldering iron similar to the one he uses but a few steps down in $$ - a Weller WC100.






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Hello Les calling back. I purchased the third hand soldering station. model 004-545 from GRS tools. Very similar to Banyans suggestion. I purchased in Canada from a jewellery supply house in Calgary Alberta. $126.00 Canadian dollars. Have used it for very fine work and this unit is the best, beats the old alligator clip units hands down.

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