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Muscongus Lobster Smack by Cap'n Rat Fink - FINISHED - Midwest 1/24

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I'm just adding a build thread I had on MSW 1.0. A couple of fellow modelers had asked if I was going to add it back to 2.0. I said i was but now that i am on vacation and taking time out from our spring cleaning and I won't be modeling anytome soon I thought this would be a good time to add it back.

    This was the very first time I had ever started a build log with ant type of forum what so ever. So the only thing I had saved was the pictures. I only use infomation I was able to pick up on the www. Since at that time I knew nothing of Howard Chapelle.

    So when i started this log is also the time I meet my good buddy John aka Jim Lad who encouraged me and helped me along with his experience. I purchased this kit used on ebay for a sum of 10.00 dollars american. It was started by the previous onwer of the kit. The the glue joints were glued together badly. i dismantle the evrything to start anew. Since today these work boats are now mostly used as day sailers I decided to do my best to create a boat with that theme in mind....


Please be patient with me as I add the photos. When you start a build log you just don't notice these things. But i have over 150 photos to add..........yikes!!!!  (so I might not add them all in one night)


  So here are all the pictures...and I hope you enjoy them...
















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Hi Frank n Sjors,

    You guys are old vets here. Remember the old Small Boat forum on 1.0.   Thats where it was at. Then they merge everything and got rid of the small boat and some how I finally found it in the scratch build forum by accident. The liitle one was my first build thread on MSW.....
















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Hi Pete,

   Yes i glued the seams. But since then I use two way tape cut to fit the seam. It give a straighter nice seam. I learned that from Cap'n Bob..I also still use a pencil for seams, but now I use a lighter touch to create the seams. Because if you notice on real ships of boats the seams do not really stand out that much. So for me it gives it a more realistic look to the sails..........hope this helps out 

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Thanks very much Hexnut, But I was learning from this one. It does have some mistakes. So keep with Chapelles book which helps out greatly to build a vefy authentic LS.


Hi Pete , you can either one. the regular tape just gives you a stiffer sail where the fabric tape allows more flexablilty to the sail.


Heres more photos.....
















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Hey you, Cap't Rat fink sir.

Thank You for putting this one back up.


I'm one of the ones wanting this build back. Your build made me buy this kit (and the Dinghy). I love the way you've substitued woods and shown just how much a bit of wood can really make a kit POP.


On another subject, the Dinghy diorama.

What did you use to make the water? I've been toying with the idea of making the Peterboro a camping diorama and I love the water/bank interface in your Dinghy diorama... not to mention all the other details.

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Hi Keith and Thank You very much....


To answer your question, I used Magic Water very nice stuff. Very good instructions and very easy to use. No smell either. The only thing you have to use your judgement on is the drying time. It really depends what kind of weather your having at the time. I've had it take almost 16hrs to dry, but other times only 8hrs. For the Dingy I poured and let dry. As for the Bounty Launch I waited for it to get tackie and then added ripples in the water. A paint brush dipped in laquer thinner works best when you want to add ripples to the water. That way the brush does not stick to the magic water.

     But first wherever you pour the water, first mix a small batch and then brush over the area and let dry so it will seal the area good so you won't have any leaks. Because stuff goes everywhere. heres a picture of the launch and the rippled water....


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I just did a google on Magic water and I see its a train hobby Item. We have a great local private owned shop, I'll check there and see if they have it first. I like trading local if I can.  I was looking at bushes and trees the other day, seems alot of train hobby minatures can be adapted for dioramas.


If you dont mind having your brain picked, I'd thinking about doing the peterboro on a river bed diorama (we like to camp on currect river in MO) I was wanting to do a stream side camp. What do you use to glue the ground down, ie sand and rock. The little grasses/reeds make the waters edge look great. And in the bounty launch what is the white playdoh looking stuff you texture the shore with? Also the Peterboro canoe is 15" long, about how large of a plank should I use for the base, I want enough shore to have a campfire and camping supplies out as if camp was being set up.


thanks for any advice

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Hey Madchemist, I've used just regular white glue for gluing down brush, rocks and twigs etc. for  dioramas I've done of WW2 model kit vehicle scenes. Also Hobby Lobby sells some great diorama kits including water scenes, desert scenes and woodland scenes and bases too.

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