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Sultana Practicum


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I started using the Practicum to build the Sultana, but  have hit a problem.  When I compare my model to the pictures in the practicum, the area I carved from the hull seems much smaller although the picture of the wales marking is similar to my marking.  It looks as if he used 7-7 1/2 planks mid ship, but I think I could use 6 at the most.  I tried a direct email to Chuck Passaro, but no reply yet.

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It could be a million things....It could be a problem with the carved hull now being put into kits vs how it was 8 years ago.   Its tough to say without seeing pictures.  Could be that you just measured wrong also.   I built that so many years ago that its hard to say with so little info.  Can you post pictures and give some measurements etc.



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