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Constitution anchor rigging

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Can anyone help with pictures or info on how the anchor was rigged?  I would like to have anchor lines on the gun deck from the capstan forward to the anchor to as though the anchor was being lowered or raised.  Were the anchors rigged so both were raised/lowered at the same time?



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There's a lot on anchors...


Basically, the hawse came in through the hawse pipes and were fed to the cable tier.  A messenger line via the capstan was used to move the hawse.


If you'll go here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/76-hms-victory-by-dafi-heller-plastic-to-victory-and-beyond/page-7?hl=%2Bmessenger+%2Bline#entry6287   and follow his log for a bit, it should all become clear.  Dafi (Daniel) has done a lot of research and posting on things like capstan use.

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Were the anchors rigged so both were raised/lowered at the same time?


Nope - as the references provided describe, only one at a time. These were brutally heavy with massive cables some 22" or more in curcumference. Man handling these into the cable tiers was anything but simple, as these thick cables were not particularly flexible. Add to that the capstan could only bring one at a time due to the weight and technology.


The above, of course, covers weighing (raising) the anchor. Setting the anchor is a whole 'nother adventure in semi controlled violence!


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Ah, the joys of trying to model gravity.


Yes, you are absolutely correct, in the real world both sides would evidence considerable sag, especially the return side of the loop.


In defense of the Texas modeler, I think the intent was to make a model that actually worked, which would have required extremely flexible line to represent the effect of gravity as the ropes moved.

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