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Lining Off the Hull - Bow and Stern Deadwood

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In all the tutorials that I have read on planking, there is much talk of marking the widths of the planks on the bulkheads to guide you when you start laying your battens.  However, there is generally very little discussion of what to do at the bow and stern deadwood.  When taking the measurements of each bulkhead, do we also include the deadwood area, following the line of the bulkhead down into this area?  Should we mark the widths of the planks at the stem and on the deadwood area, as well?  It makes sense to me that this would the correct way to proceed.  Is that right?



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Thanks, guys!  Now that I'm getting closer and closer to planking my first ship, I'm getting nervous (and coming up with all sorts of questions, now that I can actually see a constructed hull in front of me)!


Here's another question.  How do you go about lining off the hull when you can no longer see the bulkheads (i.e., for the second layer of planking)?  Should you mark the first layer of planks beforehand with the bulkhead locations so that you can make accurate measurements?

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