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San Juan Spanish Galleon by Gif_Hasie - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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This is my second wooden ship kit. I have started a while ago, and for obvious reasons didn't take progress photos.


However, since discovering this site, I decided to make one while building. :)


Will link some photos I have.







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Got some time to do a few things from last time a posted.


Cleaned and primed all the metal parts, which is now ready for painting.


Added details to the main body.


Planning to add the gunports and other wooden features to the model this upcoming week.







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She's coming along quite nicely.


Please continue posting your progress.



Thanks Richard!


Right, update time again.


Painted all the pieces to metal "brass" colouring, and painted the canons and anchors etc "black".








Also finished painting the casted lifeboat.






Added rails to the ship, will be stained a darker colour later on.






Next steps:


Planking on casted lifeboat.

Coating the hull in order to glue the gunports.

Working on little pieces that forms part of the deck.

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Finished the lifeboat model. Added the extra planks and stained them as well.




Worked on the rudder, here it was before adding it to the ship.




Once the completed, I added it to the stern of the ship. I had to shorten the chain length a bit, compared to the measurement given in the plans.




I also started working and completing deck objects. So far I have finished the deck house (I think that is what it is called),pumps, mass support (glued them on already) etc.






Still busy staining the hull. I have added the gunports to the model. Will take some pictures later when done.

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You are flying along C6H14;) 


Looking good.  


(PS. I could have picked this kit up for R300 about six months ago, still kicking myself!!!)


Samuel Pepys notes in his diary on 19 July 1667: "the Dutch fleets being in so many places, that Sir W. Batten at table cried, By God,says he, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen."


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You are flying along C[/size]6H[/size]14;)[/size] [/size]


Looking good.  


(PS. I could have picked this kit up for R300 about six months ago, still kicking myself!!!)


Hehe, thanks Jolley Roger.


Good to see another Saffer here :)


Wow, R300? Where was this, fleamerket or something? Could at least have had a good full box of spares. ;)

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Wow, R300? Where was this, fleamerket or something? Could at least have had a good full box of spares. ;)


It was on OLX, from a lady running a second hand shop in Bloemfontein.  I was 10 minutes too late...

Samuel Pepys notes in his diary on 19 July 1667: "the Dutch fleets being in so many places, that Sir W. Batten at table cried, By God,says he, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen."


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had a bit of time to work again, and finished assembling the cannons. :)





I started working on the rear balcony of the ship, however, I ran into a snag. I don't have enough strips to complete the deck - I should have kept the offcuts I used way back when I planked the main deck :(


I asked the hobby store to order some extra strips from the importer, but when they will do it is any bodies guess.


As a backup plan, I think I am going to use one of the spare hull planks, and sand it down to make it thinner, and use that to finish the planking.


Although, the bottom section is done at least.






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Did some bit of tyding up, and discovered some extra deck cut-off strips. :)


However, wasn't enough to cover the whole surface area, so I decided to take one of the hull planks and sand it down as seen below.




Once it was more or less thin enough, I attached it to complete the surface (sanded down plank is second to the left).



Once the glued set and cutting off the excess, I sanded the surface further down to make it even with the whole surface. Varnish was applied.




it is a bit off colour, but happy that this is completed, as I can now continue with the balcony. :)



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Update time. Finished staining the different kind of woods. I am actually playing/experimenting around with the staining wood, to get an idea of the effect.


I have also added grating to the open ports.


Now that the staining is done, I can now start adding more deck structures to give it more character :)





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Short update.


Started adding many of the loose deck fitting that I had completed earlier. Decks are starting to get character with all the fittings. I will take some photos after fitting the main ones, since progress has been quite quick with them.


Completed the extra railings:



Started with the bow at the back. Uses Mastini's method to get the cone shape, worked quite well :)





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Ok, so I said I would take pictures, but I am going to wait towards the weekend in order to take photos in some sunlight. However, did take an overhead shot.



I started working on the rest of the stairs. Had lots of trouble getting things to fit, however, finally found a way that worked for me.


After cutting the steps and making sure that each one was more or less the same length, I used my round filing needle to file the edges of each step.




This made it much easier to glue to the pre-cut strips, and was quick and easy. :) Next is to smooth everything down, and then stain them before gluing them onto the hull.



However, in experimenting, I have used up all my strips, so for the last to stairs, I am going to have to scratch build.


Will keep updated on that.

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Update time!


With a hectic weekend behind me, I got some time to take a few pictures. :)


I added some extra things to the hull, such as the balcony door, railings etc.








I started working again on the balcony, added the bottom rail as can be seen with all the pins. This time I actually tried the soaking in warmn water method ( I always just soaked in room temperature water). Worked very well. :)


This week I am going to focus on finishing the balcony, so that I can add it to the hull, as well as try to fit the cannons.


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Made some scratch build ladders, when I had some time again.


Will try and get the cannons finished this week. I did a dry fitting, and ran into problems with the ones on the lower deck - the port holes were too low. Going to use my dremel to grind off some of the porthole topping, as well as a bit of the cannon wheels. So hopefully it will fit.






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Ok, so I didn't get time to do what I wanted to do. However, I started looking at the rigging and making the masts and yards so long.


Going to be honest, but I am actually intimidated to make the masts etc., as well as the rigging, since this will be the first time going more complex than what I am used to.


However, after looking and deciphering the rigging diagram supplied by AL, I feel a bit better on what sequence and where to do what.


With that in mind, I decided to start with the spritsail (will take photo later). This is what I first came up with:



Was feeling chuffed with myself until I looked at The Scottish Maid log my Mr. Angus, and realized looking at his rigging that mine was totally wrong :(


So, after a few sailor words about the time wasted, I decided to do it over.



However, then I saw also on his build that the rope around blocks was suppose to be ... err... reeved I think? With that in mind, I had a look up on reeving, and tried with hand using some real-life technique. I got one done, but sufficient to say, it took a awhile to do it, plus some heavy sailor words from my side. :(


After that, I seriously started looking at other possible solutions, and saw the reeving machines available. Looking at the principle, I decided to quickly make a jig to help reeve my blocks.




Yip, those are two chopsticks stuck in holes (hey, I had to quickly scrounge around the house, took less than 5 mins to build  this :P )


However, I was happy with the results. Much easier and quicker to do. Here is a picture of my second block that I reeved. Feeling more better about reeving blocks, however, still need to get something to reeve lines.




I am going to make a better jig, with two stations, in order to speed up reeving of my blocks.


Also, I want to see if I can make my own line reever, or maybe just buy one.




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Didn't have much time, but almost finished with my jig.


Although, I did complete putting in the cannons and the lifeboat, as well as the deadeyes.


This was the first time doing deadeyes, but went rather well. :)


Going to finish my jig, as well as the anchors.




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Got my jig semi set up, ran out of the rod, so will add extra later on. Can rig three blocks at the moment (four after completing it).




Made some on the jig for the bowsprit




Also, finished my anchors, used the jig to serve the anchor rope.


All in all, not too bad, with some practice will be able to get better at it. :)


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Haven't update in quite a while, but here goes.


Finished with the three masts, so it is ready for rigging. :)


Already finished the spar for the back mast.


Also finished the bowsprit and added it to the hull with other decoration - will post some photos later.


Busy preparing the other masts.




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Thanks Paulv


The only part I don't like of rigging is block things to masts/spars etc.


Update time:


Added the masts to the hull of the ship.


Started with the shrouds for the mizzen-mast, which is now ready for the lanyards.







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