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La Pinta by JoeNavy - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:65

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Good Morning everyone.. 


I have decided to start this log after spending countless hours on here, reading and gleaning information. Enjoy coming to this site to see what is new, especially in the scratch build logs. However, to dip my toes in this great hobby, I've started out with the USS Constitution by ModelExpo. While, that is currently still under construction, and not nearly as I wanted it to be.. I have decided to give La Pinta a shot. I wanted to build this, as I'm currently serving overseas near the area where Christopher Columbus set sail those many years ago, and this place with it's rich history of old sailing vessels. Also, depending on how long this will take me, would like to present this as a gift to the landlords when I depart from here. I'm open to any suggestions and comments, and I'm still quite a newbie.

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So I have attached the bottom panel before I started planking the deck..






Planking from the centerline.. Trying to keep it even from one side to the other.. I am using the Zig Marker to simulate caulking between the planks. It kinda smugged, but I did my best to keep it clean. First try.. rough start.




Planking completed. Started on the waterways.. 


Thanks for viewing!

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Good start & love your crew!



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I visited replicas of Nina and Pinta a few years ago and posted some pics here.




I'm sure these "replicas" and current models are just guesses as to what they looked like, but these may be of help or interest to your build.



"Give you joy!"


Current Build: RATTLESNAKE 1:64 POB (Mamoli)


Kits on hand: "Lexington", Mamoli: "Robert E. Lee", Scientific

Scratch to do: "Fannie Dugan", 1870s Sidewheeler Steamboat

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@RiverRat Thanks for those photos.. I will keep those in mind as I build.


@Moonbug Thanks for the likes!


Sorry I haven't been able to update. I been busy at work. But I have managed to finish the deck, and currently working on the smaller pieces BEFORE I actually glue them on.

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So I planked the aft deck.  It definitely turned out better than the main deck..




Cut the access for a ladderwell, that goes from the aft deck to the main deck below.. Not sure if this is really accurate.. but at this point, I'm just following instructions...




A little framing around the access cut. 




Added the support ring (thingy) for the aft mast..  and attached the deck to the ship..




Adding the forward sides on the fo'scle.. 







Thanks for viewing!!

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So here I go, replanking the foredeck.. 



And now it's completed, and looks 100x better than it did with those gaps..



Then I added the first plank that lines up from the fore bulwarks to the aft ones. They were premade to give them the desired shape. 





And then onto the planking. It will be double planked, so while i'm trying my best to keep it all in line and straight. I don't care much for the pin holes I have been using to hold the planks in place.


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Greetings from Australia ... Interesting to view the various kit makers' models on this forum - layouts on the various models (Artesania, etc) differ in each case.   I'm currently working on a Mantua 1:50 scale "Pinta" which is a single plank job which I'm about to convert to a double plank (not happy with the first planking).  Whilst waiting for the second planking timber, I've done all the deck paraphernalia (railings, ladders, grating, hatches etc ).   Love your decking detail and I've found the elastic bands great for the planking.   I have the "Nina" (Mantua) to do when the "Pinta" gets finished.

Cheers, Gordon.

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