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  1. Fantastic build, very well done and thanks for keeping us entertained with your informative log. A build for the ages. Blighty
  2. A truely beautiful model, love the detail, adds so much interest. Do you plan to illuminate the skylight deck? Thx for the log. Super fan Blighty
  3. Well done Bruce, I will miss your updates when you finally complete his model. Quality build, quality log, quality modeler. Thx for a gem. Final display pics will be a delight. Blighty.
  4. Hi Bruce, Permission to board! looking forward to your build log developing., I hope you enjoy this build as much as I did, have fun. Len
  5. Welcome, you will enjoy building the Chaperon, have fun with it. Len
  6. Hi Popeye, I just found this log, not sure how I missed this one, but will be playing catch up over next few days. I hope you don't mind me coming aboard at late date but this looks like a great build to follow, keep up the posts and good luck with your build. So far, very impressive, looking forward to seeing more. Blighty.
  7. J, I'm really enjoying this log and your end results are super. Thanks for sharing and for the effort you are putting in. Keep up the top notch entertainment. Blighty
  8. Just found your build, great work, hope there's room for one more chair. This is another build I am considering for my next attempt, thanks for the log.
  9. That will display very nicely when finished, tempted to get a similar style for my next build.
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