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Bluenose II by Levie - Artesania Latina - scale 1:75

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First I checked on a flat surface if the keel was straight by pushing on it with my finger to see if there is any movement and there was so I soaked the keel in water and with an household iron I steamed it flat. After that I build up a clamp as you can see on the first 2 photos with 2 strips 5 mm by 2mm thick nailed them down with the keel in between. Then made bloks to support the keel because you can't clamp the full length of the keel. I measured everything out so it all meets the centerline of the clamp as shown with the pencil lines they line up with the lines on the clamp.

Next the bulkheads are put into place after sanding both bulkhead and keel so they slide nicely into place with a very little friction and I clamp then with lego blocks and mearure between the bulkheads both starboardside and portside to be sure they are the same.

I will not glue this until I check the alignment of the bulkheads which will be the next step ...

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Fitted the dek planking with narrow strips (the ones that come the kit are too wide.) because the 1/1 scale schooner has a narrow dek planking but the centerline has 2 wider planks 1 on each side of the centerline and 2 on each side of the bowline.

See photos I show you with the tweezers.

It's not 100 percent accurate but better then the instructions say.

I used a kurk block to sand down the planks this is a must have because the dek has a slope to it and with the kurk it flexess easliy to the shape of the dek making sure you sand it 'flat' and smooth.






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I will follow with interest.  I've just started on an older version of the AL Bluenose II.  


Current BuildsBluenose II - AKrabbenkutter / Prince de Neufchatel / Essex Cross-section / Syren / Barque Stefano / Winchelsea / Half Hull / Maria HF31 - Dusek / Bandirma - Turkmodel

On the Shelf: Santisima Trinidad and Cross Section / HMS Cutter Alert / Tender AVOS / Confederacy

Suspended Build: Bluenose II - Billing Boats Nr 600 

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