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Montanes by pnevrin - OcCre

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Restarting my log. Not sure how much of the old pictures I can be bothered to load back up again to be honest but will take it from where I am today and download a few from my Facebook albums for a quick recap.


Anyway - there are a few of us here building the Spanish kit Montanes (74 or 80 gun ship-of-the-line depending on which version you are doing) from OcCre, based on a ship built in 1794. It's a great kit but will have you figure out a fair bit on your own since the instructions are limited and also some of the parts are best substituted for scratch built or, in case of the main armament, reordered from somewhere else if you want guns from the correct time period, not 16th century.










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@Wintergreen - thanks, the table is an old butcher's block table from a restaurant in NY. I move out from the study sometimes to get some more space + it's higher.


@Sjors - I didn't find it too tricky to be honest (although it is a little wobbly in places). I used CA to and started on the 'easy' end, clamping with the small Amati wooden clamps, the ones that look like laundry pins. after it dried I did the rest by hand and just held it in place. You're now officially ahead of me I guess! I need to start on the deck gratings and finish off the railings but there is always so much other stuff happening :)



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sorry, looking back at your log, I see you meant the decorative part on the hull, not on the bow post. I actually cut it up in parts, so the bent parts on their own, then a straight strip and so on. I bent it around a hammer handle the seemed to have a similar shape. It's not perfect but I like it. May redo one or two parts. USed CA throughout.



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Hi Per,


Thanks for the answer.

I'm now busy with the frames for the grating on the bow.

When I look at the log from Garward, there is a difference…...

The plans are not that clear so I'll wait till Anja get's home and then we can look together.

I see that you are doing things at the weekend and I have to work the hole weekend.

So no building time for me  :(



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yes, the instructions and pics are terrible on this part of the build. I think Garward may have done his own solution (which looks very elegant). I also lost the smallest frame for the bow grating and have to recreate. I think my son threw it away :) Good luck and keep the pics coming.



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Hi everyone,


sorry for the long, long absence. Life takes over sometimes and we are currently about to move house soon after a long hunt. Good news is that our new house will have a full garage that I intend to build a workshop in and will then resume my Montanes log. It's currently on a shelf in the living room and I very much plan to finish her!


Sjors and Garward, thanks for the congratulations back in April!


Holty: I do still have the images for Lady Nelson. The log was lost in the migration to the new site but I can PM or email you some of the images if you like? She has become a real favorite of mine, looking down from the other side of the living room. The rig is a beauty.

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Hello Per,


Welcome back. It's good to hear you are well.

I'm glad you found a new house.

I hope your new home will always be to small to hold all your friends.


Good luck with the move.



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