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  1. I think you are more than holding a candle to others on this site (certainly me) , it looks absolutely brilliant! I keep finding myself drawn to these Pegasus builds, what a lovely kit. I love the contrast between the planking and chainstays, really nice.
  2. Cant believe nearly 2 years have passed since I last updated, so many thing have been going on, not to mention hitting a full stop with the masts! Still, I have a new toy which will hopefully get me back here posting very soon.
  3. Thanks for all the guidance, I have a better understanding now to help me make a decision
  4. Thanks for this Richard, I will have to have a look at your Syren, I must say I do like the look of that kit
  5. Phew! thanks guys, I guess I will need to persevere with the hand method. I find using the miniature planes quite tricky, they often get caught in the wood for me. Maybe I need to get some spare dowel to practice on too
  6. Hi Folks, So I am totally stuck on my build at the moment, I have overcome many hurdles of a first build but I am stuck with the shaping of the mast. I just cant seem to shape to any sort of standard using hand tools and it has become a source of great frustration. I am looking in to buying the DB250 Lathe by Proxxon but I am concerned that I will spend the money and then realise that the mast is to long for the lathe. If there are any owners of the DB 250 that could share its limitations or even convince me it is worth spending out on I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance Marc
  7. Hi Per, Great to see you back, your Lady Nelson build Inspired me to have a go myself. I'm sure this build will Inspire me to take on a bigger project too. All the best
  8. Hi Eamonn, great progress, I might have missed it but what lathe did you use for your masts?
  9. Hi Thomasl, there is a proxxon one on Amazon I got my eye on, it's about 140 quid. Hi Bibounde,thank you for the appreciation, it's a little rough round the edges but I'm pleased with my first go!
  10. So here is an update (at last) Managed to fix the over filing where the Bowsprit rests, the Epoxy did a sterling job and although it needs a clean up in the pictures its not too apparent. Thought I had a better picture of the bowsprit profile but it is pretty much in line with the keel and not in "Moby Dick catching" mode Have painted a few bits here and there and finished the stays. I will be re-rigging the guns now I understand what is meant by seizing. Nothing drastic I just want them to lay better, If this was a second model I would have bought new ordinance. This should keep me occupied for a bit whilst I save for the lathe, I can see this being essential if I plan on sticking with this hobby which I most certainly am. Thanks for looking in Holty
  11. Fantastic Maurino, beautiful build!
  12. Perfect! Thanks for that, it does help. shipyard has slowed up whilst I save for a lathe, I got a couple of things to do on the decks, so there will be a photo update soon.

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