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The kits are not always accurate in many respects.  I have seen a number of them where the decorations and moldings are metal as well and those were not made of metal on the ships.  These are the areas where a lot of folks go into kit bashing and replace such parts with pieces they make themselves.


I am curious about what ship/kit you are building. This may be a simple matter of Amati using the wrong term.  I was under the impression most, if not all, Amati and most other kits were plank on bulkhead, thus it would not be possible to put in a keelson.  The false keel under the keel makes sense to me but I cannot picture a keelson which goes on top of frames. 



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Thanks Messis

I got curious and did a little digging on Viking ships construction (see picture below)  and metallurgy.  They certainly appeared to have copper, iron, and other metals, so maybe it was copper.  I would bet on wood, but that is just a guess, nothing more. Based on the drawing I found, the piece in the photo you posted looks like the mastfish in the foreground.


Sorry this was probably of little help, but I find it interesting none-the-less.





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