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Although I managed to make a limber board for my Triton cross-section, I remain unhappy with the method I used as it wasn't as precise as I wished.


The method I used was simply to angle a disc sander and sand the parallel sides without cutting the bottom flat part (I thought that at this scale the lack of a flat part would not be very noticeable).


I therefore thought it would be nice to find out from the experts how they approached doing this.


The picture of the cross-section is:




All contributions most welcome as I'm bound to be doing this on future builds!




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Thanks, druxey. I had thought about doing it with the saw (as I do have a tilting arbor) and could see how the first face might be cut. However I thought it might be hard to cut the second parallel face over the full length to the exact width as it would require careful juggling with a stick holding it down.


And after that I thought that the final flat on the lower surface would prove even more difficult.


However, I can see that this might be something to practise and perfect!



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Ha! Having thought about it in relation to another sawing question (this time the waterway on the lower deck of the Triton cross-section) I realised how simple it would be.


The reason I was in a bind was that I was thinking of cutting the angles on a 2mm plank. The moment I realised that I just have to turn the diagram 90 degrees it was clear that I could use a long and wide block to slice off planks with the correct bevel. That way I could also just push the block 2.44mm to the side for each set of slices


Sorry to have wasted everyone's time, but in case anyone's interested, here's a drawing of explanation:




Now back to the waterways!



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Ah.... Occam's razor strikes again.   Simple and elegant, Tony.

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