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G'day all

I wonder has any of you heard about, used or own a CNC 3020 4 axis router as per this link? You can look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291691489649


To me, it looks quite good for the price and it could be quite handy to do some of the fiddly routing jobs.

I'll be very interested in know what the more experience guys (and ladies) think of this tool.

Havagooday to all my fellow friends out there.




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I looked into this machine for a friend that is getting into model cnc machining.

Yes he purchased it.

Tolerances were very good as it is screw driven .Not chain or belt.

I checked out the machine after it arrived. By machining Delrin (engineers plastic.)

A ring was machined and tolerances were excellent, next a square block. Again could not fault the tolerances. And square's checked.

He did not use the software that came with the mill. But I see this one comes with Mach 3

I still cannot use the software ...But that's me. He finds it OK to use.

Cannot use this machine with a laptop is its only downfall.



Hope this helps.


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G'day Mark

What I've seen in my research it can machine brass as a computer input, so you can in theory of multiple brass canons etc. It also can do aluminum and mild steel to wood.

It can also carve in 3D wood carvings if you can input into the program.

I think it can also cut out frames for hull construction etc. The cutting router can use as small as 0.8 mm bit.

I personally is learning to get one for 'Christmas' if I'm a good boy, that is.

Havagooday to all


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Very interesting topic again. I have many years used my 3 axis CNC router, but only for 2D and 2.5D tasks. To build fourth axis is very simple, and doesn't cost very much, but the threshold is to buy and learn to use some 3D cad program. So I would like to ask you guys, which CAD programs are you using with your routers?

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I have been reading up on these routers since this topic got started and was wondering if anyone has experience with one using an Anduino control board with the Anduino IDE and GRBL software.  I have no experience with these machines or the software but from what I have read Anduino IDE/GRBL setup is easy to use and flexible.

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G'day Cristi

Thanks for that information about the 2418. I agree with Mark that you should build a box around it and have an exhaust system fitted.

Does the 2418 has both a Lazer as well as milling head attached? And is it a USB interface?

I've been looking into the 2030 and it appears that it only comes with a parallel port interface, but I think I can throw away the parallel port interface and get an USB one to replace it. It means that I have to spend extra $200 for this.

I'm now looking into what software that can run it. Still surfing the net for my answer!

Havagooday to all


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Hi Greg.

CNC 2418 can be bought with laser or milling head, or both, as i bought. You can chose between 500mw to 5000 mw laser.

It is connected by USB 2 , the sistem is an Arduino inside,it came wit some small software, for carving (GRBL 9) or for Laser print (a smal program, very nice)

I will show in my description ( http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/14704-small-cnc-laser-and-router-for-carving-and-engraving-by-cristikc) some new pictures i made today

It can "burn" just in the are you made the "focus" the arrengment for printing. You have to use green glases (that came with the CNC) the moment you adjust the focus, else it is ok to look.

Hope it is ok for you.

Today i found the same i bought, for just 175 USD plus shipping taxes (on Aliexpress)

All the best Cristi

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