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Amerigo Vespucci by Johnn18 - Mantua - 1:100 scale

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Hi all

I have managed to find a bit of time to start off my build log. I started the build about 6 weeks ago or so, I took a few pics of the model as it stands at the moment. Sorry about the quality, they were taken on my mobile in my garage. I have started on making some of the cabins etc and will update hopefully on a regular basis.




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Not too many build logs you see of this ship. Great start.

What material is that hull made out of?

Regards, Scott


Current build: 1:75 Friesland, Mamoli


Completed builds:

1:64 Rattlesnake, Mamoli  -  1:64 HMS Bounty, Mamoli  -  1:54 Adventure, Amati  -  1:80 King of the Mississippi, AL

1:64 Blue Shadow, Mamoli  -  1:64 Leida Dutch pleasure boat, Corel  -  1:60 HMS President Mantra, Sergal


Awaiting construction:

1:89 Hermione La Fayette AL  -  1:48 Perserverance, Modelers shipyard

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Looks like you are off to a great start with your Amerigo.  I'm having challenges right away on my 1:84 Mantua kit: The slots in the rib bracing don't match the spacing for the ribs set by the keel, so I'm fabricating new bracing. Best wishes and keep posting! JXT

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