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Dinghy by WangiBoy (Andrew) - Midwest - My first wooden ship build

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Hello. My name is Andrew. I am 9 years old and this is my first wooden boat build. I am posting this under my Dad's account. He is building a longboat and helping me with my boat.


The "Dinghy" is made by Midwest. We started by making sure all the pieces were in the box and reading the instructions.


The next step was the draw guidelines on the floor of the dinghy. This was so we knew where to glue the ribs.


After that, we made the ribs and glued them to the floor.


I am enjoying building my first wooden boat.







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Thank you for the nice comments.  :piratebo5:


After all the ribs were glued to the floor, the next step was to sand back the edge of the floor to make it even with the ribs. This took a long time. After that I sanded the stern floor at a 45 degree angle to match the stern. Then we sanded the bow support into a V shape and glued that to the floor as well.


We are now ready to build the sides!






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Andrew, welcome to MSW! Good to have you here. My dad and I built model cars and trains together when I was your age and it remains something we still share in today. You have a nice looking boat there and it will become something you can be proud of for a long time. You are off to a great start and I wish you the best of luck as you progress, grow and learn this great hobby.

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We attached the first garboard planks. We wet them first in boiling water to soften them and then clamped them to the ribs to get the shape we needed, even thou the instructions did not tell us to. Then we dried it using a hair drier. Once the garboards had taken shape, we then stuck them on the boat.


Unfortunately the boat took a slight wonk!  :o   [Dad: Andrew means that the boat has warped a bit]


The big questions are how should we fix the wonk and should we have wet the garboards to get them in shape in the first place or just glued them on dry? Hmmmmmmmm. 






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