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Oops and hello from Michigan

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Rushing into things as I am prone to do I started a build log before introducing myself in the prescribed manner. My apologies to the moderator and all those who follow directions. I've copied below what I began my build log with not realizing this was the proper venue for that.


I still haven't mastered photo inserts so hopefully that will change soon.


Long time modeler, limited internet user, first time poster to this amazing site I was clued into by my grandson. I have no initial picture to post as I begin my HMAV Bounty build from Artesania Latina, but will remedy that on the next lesson from my grandson. I'll use this post to introduce myself and applaud all those who have already proven helpful as I launch into this build. You gals and guys who contribute to this hobby are wonderful. Lots of plastic modelers around where I live but few wood folk, especially ship builders, so to have a brain trust like this to pick away at and learn from is a welcome companion. My modeling began with the melding of my friend's slot car set up and my HO train set in his basement From the beginning we bashed or scratch built everything because neither one of us had money to buy much. We'd scrounge whatever cardboard, plastic, wood, or thin metal scraps we could find and cut, bend, carve pieces until we ended up with something that resembled what we were looking for. Looking back I'm sure by my standards now they were pretty ratty, but at the time we were well pleased and it kept us out of trouble, mostly. As high school rolled around we had a bit more money for kits, but those most often ended up looking vastly different by the time we modified, added spare parts, and basically cannibalized the manufacturers design to fit our needs. College left everything at his house and I took up model ship building for relaxation with a kit from the old Scientific Models series. My first was the solid hull Flying Cloud. I knew nothing about tall ships, didn't bother to do any research, just followed the kit instructions and was quite pleased with the results. Did much better on the model ship than my freshman year studies. The need to raise my GPA and pursue that degree I was told I needed took me out of the modeling hobby for the rest of college. The Flying Cloud sat on my desk safely but suffered damage on the trip home after my senior year. It still sits in a box waiting to be resurrected. A couple year's into marriage I built Scientific Models Pequod. That has survived moving around for 43 years. One of my grandkids got into O scale Lionel trains which led to numerous scratch built buildings for his layout drawing on my childhood imagination and skills, although with much more "professional" looking results. In 2008 my children and wife all chipped in to buy me the Artesania Latina Independence kit for my 60th birthday after I dropped many not so subtle hints. It was my first large ship build. It took over a year to complete, working on it in spurts as time allowed and the results were very pleasing. As you LA builders are aware, I found the illustrations and directions of this kit to be inaccurate, misleading, and limited in some crucial areas, but my history of scratch building and substituting material got me passed this to a nice finished model. Since then I have learned they may have taken some liberties with the historic accuracy of their interpretation of the ship. Furniture building, needle point, and, wooden toy creating occupied my time until this new year began. I had been researching models for about a month when I settled on the HMS Bounty. I would have liked the HMS Victory but the budget said no. Which leads to the reason for this log.

My first step upon opening the box was to inventory the parts. I remember on the Independence missing a couple prefabricated parts which I was able to replace on my own, but I felt the need to double check the packing from the manufacturer. I have since learned some of you have had terrible luck with poor lumber. I am one of the fortunate one in that all my wood pieces appear in great shape. However, I did find that a number of prefabricated pieces were missing. Finishing the inventory I sent off an email to Omni/Tower Hobbies from whom I purchased the kit. They forwarded my message to Artesania Latina. It has been two weeks since and I'm not holding my breath for a response from them. I believe I read they have switched their production out of Spain to China and this is leading to quality control issues. Next kit will likely be from another company.
I figured I could get started since the missing items were for later in the build. Staining and assembling the framing was going along smoothly and then I read about John McKay's book, The Armed Transport Bounty. Oh dear! Since receiving that I'm not sure if I've found a friend or foe. The details in that volume are so clear and make so much historic sense that I can see this build is going to take me back to my childhood days of kit bashing and stretch way over a year. I've already dismantled my framing, glad nothing was glued, and made some modifications, maybe not totally historically accurate but I think closer tha what LA choose to present. I'm spending literally hours pouring over the book and comparing it to the kit noting what I will adjust, add, leave out. That's where I'm at.
So, there's a long first entry. Sorry if I bored you with background that maybe wasn't necessary. My next computer lesson from my grandson is how to get pictures in with my entries. At 69 I'm fairly good with email, developing some good research skills on the web, but taking further tech directions from a grandson in exchange for lunch at places of his choice. So far he's been nice to me and I still have coffee money left over.



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Welcome aboard,


Wow, this is some introduction. Just like Geoff, I would like to know your name too.


This topic explains how to add pictures in your posts: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/540-how-to-add-pictures-in-your-posts-and-pms/

Have you tried this?


Good luck with your build and have fun.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.




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