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Hallo everybody


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Hi all , my name is Daniele and i live in Denver CO. 

i registered a while ago' and i thought its now time to introduce myself sorry if i didnt do it before .

I started with shipmodelling when i was 18 , i remember my first model was a small fishing boat and after that i did a scratch build from and aeropiccola plan of the Cutty sark . After that life started to get very busy and after 2 years of navy i continued the  career as a merchant marine officer so the time for modeling was kind of over especially for big project.

I did continue on small project like warship in 1/700 and now after more than 25 years seems that i am finally settling in one place ( hopefully ), so  its growing in me the desire to start again on "big" shipmodelling project .

Few months ago' i picked up at an auction a Model Shipways kit of the Uss constitution ( the hull was already builded) so now i am setting up a small workplace because i want to start to work on this project asap .



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A warm :sign: .

I have a previous life in the merchant marine. Very fun and awarding job.

There are several "Connie" build logs you can look into and get valuable information, your build log will help you and us if you get stuck.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, even though it may have been asked before. 

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Welcome to the hobby and MSW Daniel.  This is the place to learn and be part of the hobby. 


There is a very active club in Denver - the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights - probably the most landlocked club in the US.  Having a local ship modeling club is a great tool for the beginning modeler - just like MSW.  Check out our web site's listings of clubs for the info on the Denver club.  A friendly bunch of guys and gals - I have attended some of their meetings and several members attend NRG Conferences regularly.




Take care,


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :) 

Hi Kurt , already a couple of people suggested me about the Rocky mountain shipwright and unfortunately until now i had no chance to attend to any of the meetings , but i will do my best to be at the next meeting .

i think i will be ready to start the build log around 2 weeks as  i will leave soon for DC , were i have plan to visit the National museum of US navy ( any other suggestion for naval museum in the area are very welcome ) .



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