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Headband style magnafier

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I'm wanting to get a headband style magnifier and I see that many people here have recommended the OptiVisor. Personally I don't want to loose my peripheral vision while using it. I would prefer something like what Chuck is using in "Chucks planking videos". Do you know what brand that visor is?




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I am using the same type of magnifier as Chuck,

comes with four different lenses, and I think I got them MicroMark some years ago.

Haven't seen them on the market lately.

There is no name on mine. But it's patented, inside it reads "Do Not Copy - Or Be Sued" good statement.


Edit: Just found what you are looking for, the price seems to be in the right range too.

Good luck!

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I also had been looking for a new magnifier light, I'm using my woodworking bench for ship model building and it wasn't equipped in some way for modeling like this, and I wanted to leave my other magnifier light over my metal lathe as it's very helpful there. I looked at ones up to $350, and although I'm sure the $350 one was superb, this one seems to have very nearly as much bang for 1/3 price.


It just arrived today, will report back on it.



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