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Hello friends

I'm going to make the bow fillers in the bow and also on the second bulkhead 

but what is the order of the block fillers : firs to make the filers and than to fair the bulkheads or to fair the bulkhead and than to make the block filler?

i was thinking the best way is to make the bow fillers firs for getting a symmetrical line in both sides of the keel ...

but it will be better to hear that from someone how is did it before :) 

best regards 


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Thank you Ian , 

so the best way is to make the block fillers first without touching the bulkheads by fairing.. 

than to install the block and after all to start fairing ... 

is the same as i thought :)


Hellk Backer , 

yes the question is about the block fillers , but from your pictures i cant see if you fair the bulkheads before or after installing the blocks fillers 



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Hi Michael,


In my 14 Gun Brig "Fair American" build (here on MSW) I choose to use filler blocks to assist in hull fairing as well as providing improved support for planking.  Filler blocks were bass wood glued to the bulkheads prior to hull assembly.  Fairing was accomplished using 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around hardwood dowels.  This approach was successful in providing a well faired hull from an inaccurate set of kit furnished bulkheads.  I wood recommend bass wood or pine for filler blocks as its easy to work with but strong enough to support planking.









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Beautiful work Pete !!!

Now im working on a new system for making block filler very easy 

i hop and it will work well and if so .. i will publish a little guide in my victory build log

about the wood im using the is : pine wood, i took the advice from my best friend Matti Pilola he also a member in that forum (one of the best builders )

and like i wrote God willing and it will work then i will publish the guide :)

Best regards ,


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I did fair the bulkheads before installing the filler blocks.


Since I did not have good drawings. I had to draw my own  bulckheads (frames)

These filler blocks have saved my model.

For me it is like the first planking on the hull. But with more space for sanding away any errors


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