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Question on French 8-pdr cannon carriagees

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I'm sort of stuck here.  I'm seeing two different styles of carriages for the French 8-pdr cannon. I'm also under the impression that this applied to the 4-pdr's also.  See picture.


The upper one has both axle trees connected by a beam and the side supports sit on the axletrees.  Note the rounded cutout at the bottom of side support.


The lower one has a large "plank", if you will, that side sit on and then this is affixed to the axletrees.


Which would be right for for the 1760's-1770's? I have detailed plans for both and just need to find out which one to use.




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You have to take a carriage used after 1758 ie the one on the drawing from above.

The height of this carriage is surprising, it is necessary to verify its height so that the gun is in the middle of the port.


The bottom drawing is taken from the monograph on the 64-gun ship Le Fleuron. This 1730 eight-pounder cannon has a pre-1758 carriage, which is here proportioned for a 24-pounder gun port. It is a special arrangement for the Fleuron. Its dimensions are not common.


Gérard Delacroix

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