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  1. Hello, This piece is called in French "mouchoir" (handkerchief), it is used to prevent the shock of the waves from disturbing the front pieces. You can also find it in many ANCRE monographs (including mine: Fleuron, Amarante, Egyptienne, etc.). GD
  2. Okay, thank you. That's a solution indeed. Concerning your gun carriages, the trunnion housing is not included in an overthickness, it is worked directly on the top of the cheek. Have you checked the height of the gun in relation to its position in the port?
  3. Hello, If I may make a small comment, it is impossible for a small ship like "Le Coureur " to have a flag with fleurs-de-lis. This type of flag is reserved for big ships that receive members of the royal family. Even in the presence of the king when he is alone on board (which never happens but it is expected), the white flag must be used whatever the ship. The same goes for the flame of war, which is simply white. There is really no chance that "Le Coureur " have a flower flag. GD
  4. Hello, If it helps, in France in the first half of the 18th century, they used to give an extra (French) inch and a half (40 mm) of curvature in the middle to the gratings for better resistance. GD
  5. Hello, It is a pity to distort the personality of a ship just to satisfy customers. It's as if, for the pleasure of a few, we represented Michael Jackson blond, with blue eyes and singing tango. His personality would be altered. But I understand that trade allows for such arrangements even if it distorts the truth... Isn't it our and your mission to educate model makers by offering them absolutely historical solutions? GD
  6. Hello, I have a small question: Is the model of Le Coureur represented according to the French or the English configuration? On the other hand, you show us guns intended to arm Le Requin, it is inappropriate because, in no case, the xebecs were equipped with bronze guns such as you present them. GD
  7. Hello, It is certain that certain new plans of Ancre present anomalies which it is difficult for me to justify. What I would like to say is that the monographs of which I am the author, and which are now sold by Ancre, come from my stock and that they have been tested by many model makers. You have no need to worry about their reliability. GD
  8. Hello, In front of the multitude of small problems which prevent me from working serenely, I transferred all my publications to ANCRE which will henceforth assure the diffusion. These are the following monographs: Le Commerce de Marseille, La Fleur de Lis, L'Amarante, La Machine à curer les ports, Le Rochefort and finally L'Égyptienne. ANCRE will therefore take care of the distribution of the books and, good news, will take care of translations for those that dont exist. Time to put everything in place and the monographs will soon appear on the ANCRE website. Stopping
  9. Hello, I do not know the value of the English pound at the end of the eighteenth century but if, considering that it has not changed (453 g) since, I apply it to 64 pounds, I get 27873 g. The French pound weighed 489 g, which applied to 57 pounds gives us 28992 g. There is therefore a significant difference of 1119 g which makes me think that they may not be English caronades but perhaps Dutch or ...
  10. Hello, I am pleased to inform you that the first part of the English translation of L'Egyptienne is available. (Translation by Tony Klouda) This translation concerns the first 180 pages. The rest that describes the rigging will be available in a few weeks. Gérard Delacroix
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