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  1. Hello, You may not know it, but I am the author of the monograph "La Fleur de Lis", a work that required more than 15 years of in-depth studies on the world of Mediterranean galleys and mainly those of the French king Louis XIV. What is represented in this video is not a scenario intended to entertain Internet users, but everything you see is the conclusion of a multitude of research and reading of period documents, manuscripts, drawings and engravings by authors contemporary with the galleys. These documents are an undeniable source of knowledge about their construction and us
  2. Hello, The installation of the anchor is not correct, the davit would never support the weight of the anchor, it is intended to raise the anchor buoy. See this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYxrbtuyNG0 GD
  3. Hello, The original 1:24 ANCRE plans are available but have you used them or are you working with direct or enlarged copies? The ANCRE plans are directly generated at the right scale without distortion at this point and there is no optical enlargement. That said, your work is of a very high quality, clear and, I suppose, precise. Congratulations to you. Gérard Delacroix
  4. Hello, It is probably a printing problem because the "exploded" part is drawn from the "assembled" part, there is no difference in the AutoCad file (I just checked). It is possible that the printing method has deformed the print although it comes from a pdf file dimensionally reliable. Sorry for this inconvenience that I hope is unique. Gérard Delacroix
  5. Hello, I'm sorry to point out that the conicity of the wheels should be open towards the outside.
  6. Hello, This large block is attached to the deck by ropes. The ring-bolt for this ropes are attached on the rear beam of the mast. GD
  7. Hello, This piece is called in French "mouchoir" (handkerchief), it is used to prevent the shock of the waves from disturbing the front pieces. You can also find it in many ANCRE monographs (including mine: Fleuron, Amarante, Egyptienne, etc.). GD
  8. Okay, thank you. That's a solution indeed. Concerning your gun carriages, the trunnion housing is not included in an overthickness, it is worked directly on the top of the cheek. Have you checked the height of the gun in relation to its position in the port?
  9. Hello, If I may make a small comment, it is impossible for a small ship like "Le Coureur " to have a flag with fleurs-de-lis. This type of flag is reserved for big ships that receive members of the royal family. Even in the presence of the king when he is alone on board (which never happens but it is expected), the white flag must be used whatever the ship. The same goes for the flame of war, which is simply white. There is really no chance that "Le Coureur " have a flower flag. GD
  10. Hello, If it helps, in France in the first half of the 18th century, they used to give an extra (French) inch and a half (40 mm) of curvature in the middle to the gratings for better resistance. GD
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