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Friesland by S.Coleman - Mamoli- FINISHED - Scale 1:75

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Hello fellow modelers. It's been an extremely long time since I got my act together to post a build log. Half of because I had lots of trouble with posting pics and the other half is I'm very shy when it comes to showing others my work. Its abit nerve wracking for me so please be persistent with me.

All of this is done over my phone as I don't have a PC or laptop.

I brought this kit awhile back and is my first shot at a large build. I have 6 other ships under my belt just to get some experience needed for this build.

The first photo shows the all too familiar sight of bulkheads and keel assembly. Some wrangling was need for things to line up but eventually I got there.  The deck is just dry fitted at this point of time.


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One of the first steps of construction was to plank the main deck and line up the lower gun ports.

The bulkheads had notches cut out for little flanges on the cast white metal gun ports to slot into.

I was lucky enough that all the notches on the bulkheads lined up perfectly. 

The instructions stated that the gunports be lined up and supported by a plank top and bottom. 

The cannons are purely just for lining up purposes and are dry fitted. 




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Hello Scot,


Because Mamoli stopped their production this model kit is no longer availble in the Netherlands.

But there are a lot of ship moddellers who searching for this kit.


I build this kit allready, and I am pleased with the result, it will be a beautifull model.

I wish you all the best and there will be a lot of jealous dutchman looking over jour shoulder.


Good luck,


Hans Peters


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The very last bulkhead at the stern was not faired as the way the planks run across it at that angle would affect the profile of the bulkheads if I sanded it down. Instead as each plank was applied a small wedge was inserted underneath it. This way I could keep the exact profile and keep it symmetrical.

My choice of glue is tightbond. Very quick setting Wood glue.





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Here you can see the stern gallery curve much better as I was talking about in earlier posts.

Fitting steelers and starting to sand back gunports. Also roughly marking out next deck gunports. 

Planking continues higher up the transom area and planks are sitting on the bulkheads inside to give a rough indication of the next level decks.




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This part of the transom bulkhead will be completely removed as it obstructs one of the windows. 

The plan calls for only one window and it's nasty molded plastic. So I'll do away with that and scratch build my own windows in all of the provided frames.

The inside will be painted black 


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Hi Scott,


A Dutch ship build by someone from Australia :)

It looks good from what i can see.

I know from others who build it are saying that it is not an easy build.

But from what i can see in your signature it is not the first one.

So i have faith in you that can bring this to a good end.

I'm now typing on my I pad but when I' m on the big computer ,i will bring the popcorn machine.





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Thanks Sjors.

Yes from Deep down under.

You are most correct in saying it's not an easy build. It's like a game of chess, Trying to think 2 steps ahead!

I'm sure I have photos somewhere here of some of my other completed builds. I am hoping to bring this build to a good end and not just an end.

My spare room as it lays now. Some built and completed, Some awaiting construction.


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Port and Starboard second row complete. Next is the transom gallery curved roof.

These are two hard blocks simular to scotia boards around your ceilings in your house, And needs to be carved into the required shape, Perfectly symmetrical to each other.

As shown in the last picture.





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