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  1. Two drunks crawling along a railroad track: 1st Drunk: "This is the longest stairway I have ever seen!" 2nd Drunk: "Yea, but its these dang low handrails that are killing me!"
  2. The buckets, the mop, the toilet paper, the graffiti!! It transports you to being on the actual boat! I love it! So amazing. Thanks for sharing it. BTW - do have Suzie's number? Its kind of smudged. 😉
  3. OK. I have come to the conclusion that Amalio isn't building this model himself at all. I believe that there are 1 inch tall boat-wrights that build this model in the middle of the night. I'm sure that I see there tiny foot prints in the sanding dust. That's what it has to be!! No one can work that precise in that scale!!!
  4. Holy Moley!! Look at the fit and finish on this work!!! I think we have a Montanes' level worker here!!!
  5. Is it just me or is everyone else amazed at the fit and finish he achieves with every piece and joint?
  6. Sweet. Work quality 100%. Attention to detail 200%. Imagination - Off the chart. Thanks for showing it! Stan
  7. Good Job Chief! HTCS (ret) 4955 (Sub repair NEC)
  8. Is it possible that there is more detail here than in the full scale version!?!! 11 out of 10!
  9. Whew! I'm exhausted just looking at all those timbers!!! Amazing work!

  10. Rossi,


    Does your name have anything to do with MotoGP racing and Valentino Rossi #46?   Just asking because I am a MotoGP fan.



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    2. VACorsair


      Only a 26 point spread between the top 5 riders.  Could be a good second half of the season!

    3. Rossi46


      Yeah, i really never understood why it didnt catch on, especially during the hayday of US racing during the early 90s.  I made the trip to indy on my triumph, it was a great time, but the stands were empty. 


      It will be a very interesting second half, marquez looks menacing.

    4. VACorsair


      I never saw a MotoGP race but I rode to Mid Ohio twice to see the AMA races in the late 90s and early 2000s  saw Nicky Hayden race Duhamel and that bunch.  Good fun.   Camped at the track.  Crowd was decent both times. 

  11. Frank, I love the way you used material, and pieces that you had on hand. Methods and processes that you wouldn't find in a model building handbook. All from you own eyes and brain. Computer heat sinks! That type of building to me is gift that not everyone has. It's a type of genius in my book. Great stuff Frank! Stan
  12. Geoff, Close, very close. click on the "reveal hidden contents" bar for the full answer.
  13. OK, An old seaman is in his row boat. He has two cigarettes but no matches, or motor or flint, or any sparking, flame or heating device. How does he light his smoke? This probably only works in the original, "untranslated" English -->
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