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Hello from an old New Member

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I am Hal Bosche of Islip, N.Y., just getting back into ship modelling and research after a 20 + year break.  My interest was and is the early Federal Navy,  Its start to about 1820.  I'm still learning how to use this great site, with great models and members. I have a lot of catching up to do.  I want to say hello to U.S.S.Folic, Steve, its been a long time, I'm glad to see you are active in all this.  Started the U.S.F.Philadelpia,
to see if I remember how I did things.  One question :5 or 6 Stern windows?  I built 5 windows because Fox design, but found wood cut "USS Philadelphia off Tetuan, Morocco" that shows 6.  Any opinions ?  Just found out U.S.F.John Adams had 6,will have to go back and correct that.


Ships in Service:

U.S.F. John Adams

U.S.S Hornet, Brig

U.S.S.Wasp 1807



U.S.S. Vixen

U.S.S. Enterpize,Schooner

U.S.S. Oneida



Ships in Ordinary:

U.S.F. New York,  Needs a rebuid like the 1854 Constellation

U.S.S Peacock 1813

U.S.S. Erie 1813

U.S.S. Syren

U.S.F. President,1803,Based on Corne' paintings,  I have to change some thing on the head after seeing the wonderful "zoom in" on this site

H.M.S. Cyrane, Need to measure,Not sure if I built the "right" one, I think I did, Bill Dune helped with this and the John Adams



 Future Builds Planning:

U.S.F. Congress 1800


U.S.F. Chesapeake


Thank All, sorry for rattling on 

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