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  1. Your carvings are excellent, a wonder to behold. I work in 1/96 scale. I wish I had your skill in carving. - Hal
  2. On the copper plates, You can leave them bright. On the boats I ran the copper didn't turn brown/green until it was out of the water in the yard. Salty water is like sanding the copper on an active boat. Sitting at dock the above waterline copper will turn, but once moving through the water it turns bright as a new penny. That's how I remember it to be.-Hal
  3. I laminate thin wood ( like "plywood" ) to make my collars and hearts, then cut to shape. - Hal
  4. Smaller upper block is for the lifts ,larger lower block is for the sheets. separate blocks seized together. - Hal
  5. The first two books on your list would be the most useful for 17 th century ships' rigging, the others are mostly later. - Hal
  6. Hi Ron, I use dyed veneer to "paint" my ships. You can use a black dyed veneer for the wales. - Hal
  7. Remember the shroud length increases as they go aft ( mast head to deadeye ). I think it is harder to get the deadeyes even, rigging off the model. - Hal
  8. Well Done! You did an excellent job, it came out very nice. - Hal
  9. I love your work. Your ongoing story line with the workers is great fun. I enjoy watching your ship come together. Excellent work! - Hal
  10. Thank very much. All my models are scratch built in 1/96 scale. The fleet is increasing, will need a bigger house soon!
  11. VERY Nicely done. The sails came out very real and I love the water. - Hal
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