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Hi all, I'm looking for a supplier of 1/200 or 1/250 brass photo-etch railings for a new project. I've tried Cornwall Boats in the UK, but their website keeps getting blocked by my browser when I try to create an account. I've also tried their supplier - RB Fittings in Poland, but there seems to be a problem on their part when I try to add an item to my checkout basket - there seems to be no way to actually select the item I want. Again with RB, my browser warned me it was an unsecure site but this time it let me actually create an account - to no avail.


Any suggestions?


:cheers:  Danny

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4 hours ago, Dan Vad said:

supplier of 1/200

Hey howya goin Danny mate, here go through this site pages they all have different kinds of railings.   :bird-vi:



and these pages



and here on Ebay



Some are 2 or 3 railings and some are posts where you run wire or brass rods through them.

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Hey howya goin Danny mate, you may have to use US google.com not AU google.com.au to get more US search results to get to google.com just type in google.com and click Enter a search result for Google might come up or not if it does just click on it and at the bottm right corner of the page you will see (Use Google.com) click on it and you will goto US Google.com then you can search for 1/200 PE rails if the link to Google does not come up look at the bottom right corner of the page and (Use Google.com) should be there. Hope you can understand what I typed. If not PM me and I'll give you my phone number or you can not be so lazy and move down here to Vic. I often you other countrys google to get better results in that country like google.co.uk once in that countrys google or even Aussies google after typeing in something in the search engine under that search engine bar I click on Tools the click on Any Counrty then click on Country UK or for Aussie google Country Austarlia.:bird-vi:

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As a suggestion Dan, the Eduard 1/350 railing set is actually 1/200, (I managed to prove this to Eduard but they didn't give a toss), it comes with individual stanchions with hooks and separate chain. PM me if you want some photos as I never used my set. 

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