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Seizing/splicing step by step...one method

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I think the photo says it all.   With a little watered down glue....rub the three strands against the rope and wait for it to dry.  You can also open up the rope where you want to begin the splice and run the three strands through.  But it isnt necessary.  You could just wrap them and glue them, especially with smaller ropes. 





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23 hours ago, wefalck said:

Looks good, Chuck, but when one can see the strands like this, one could also really splice the rope  B)

Also, it is the standard for a short splice is to have 3 tucks, so they would appear to be one more tuck longer than Chucks examples. It does look like a handy trick for simulating a short splice in the small work he has intended this technique to be used, would hate to see it used where an actual splice could be made, simply because it would be obvious it was not spliced.


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