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Agamemnon and Vanguard twin ships?

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Nice handle Semore.  Share your name please :>)


I looked at the RMG collections and the Aggy (64 guns) was 1781 out of Bucklers Hard  and Vanguard (70 guns) was 1745 built to the 1745 Establishment and then another in 1787, a 74 (out of Deptford yard)  and then again in 1835 (80 guns out of Portsmouth.)  It is not likely there were any similarities to Aggy, certainly not sister ships.  Maybe I missed one somewhere in between.  There are a couple drawings of Vanguard dated 1748 built to the 1745 Establishment but not sure if it is the same ship as from 1745 as the drawing is dated 1745.



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