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Returning to shipbuilding..

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Hello fellow modelers,


I'm Michael Gray,  born in Florida, retired now and living in Germany.  After several years of scratch building model cars in brass,  I think it's time to return to historical sailing vessels in wood.


My fleet could use a new commissioning.  The Occre Dos Amigos is in the works, nice ship my opinion.  The wood doesn't make it though, but that's been taken care of already.


So I'm slowly getting my hands and fingers up to the task, the hull has it's 1st planking, the deck is finished.  But I'm stumped at how to apply the 2nd planks to the bow.  I miscalculated how to do it,  and am not sure if butted in is the way to go or not.  It's not too late,  just this step caused me to put the model aside, 5 years ago!


But more of this later on, with pics of course.


There are lots of very fine models here, breathtaking.  You guys are great, Respect!


I'll be working on my learning curve, and have a lot of looking around to do.  What a wonderful pastime.


Many thanks,



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Thank you gentlemen.  I'm really thrilled with the fine builds and the photography shown and looking very much forward to getting the smell of worked wood in the hobby room again.


Here an offer of my last ship completion, actually a scratch rendition of AL's Le Hussard from the 70's.  I won an auction on Ebay,  only the hull had the 1st planking finished.  It was a catastrophe, warped and ugly.  So this build has really nothing to do with the kit.  It's longer, higher and wider, none of the kits' features were applied, so I'm calling it a scratch endeavor.




The build was not documented, this was before my digital days.  I plan on making a documentation of the Dos Amigos, a soon as I can figure out how to proceed with the bow planking.


I'll go again now to the gallery and have a look around.











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The wonderful greetings are encouraging, many thanks.


So, I'm having a closer look at the Dos Amigos' hull.  Some pics are on the agenda very soon. 


As stated earlier, there was an issue with the bow planking, and I just lost momentum.  This was about 5 years ago.  The urge is returning.

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