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First post!

I am starting a build, almost complete novice, a Billings build many years ago.


I am starting a build of a sailing Barque.

The original was built by a tiny local shipyard at Aberdyfi (Aberdovey) in Wales. This was the largest ship built on the river and was roughly 100ft long.

I have a copy of an excellent painting showing the hull form and rigging, along with the sail pattern.


Basis of the build is a kit to save having to buy individual components.

So starting with a " Charles W. Morgan kit" chosen as being a very similar size and sail pattern in a convenient scale.

At the moment bulkheads have been modified to replicate the required hull form, framing built up with stiffeners.

Waterway and main rail have been cut from hardwood to follow the new hull form.


There is supposed to be a ship model in a local museum, but it is not on display so I am asking if I can view it in storage.

The difficult part is working out the deck fittings, there does not seem to be much looking at the painting.

The ship carried Slate to South America, returning with Guano. So no glamorous cargo!


Anyway wish me luck.


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